Turning off Ball Chase on Gottlieb System 3

Anybody know how to do this?

Ball Chase = kicking out a new ball into the shooter lane after a ball search.

I think they don’t do Chase balls at all.

My Stargate does…

If you list the adjustments described in your manual we can probably help you figure out which one (if any) controls the chase ball. It may also be a feature of the ball search.

The lack of documentation available to help with issues like this is why I avoid Gottlieb games.

The manual is too big to be uploaded here. I have gone through it and the adjustment options in my game and I am not finding it.

I did just find out that I am on an older ROM revision however so I will update that and see if perhaps it can be changed in the later ROM. The information about Gottlieb ROM revisions is sparse to say the least. I found a 6 year old forum thread where someone had posted checksums for the various revisions. I am not finding any information about changes between versions however.

For future reference: On the V3 ROMs Stargate will kick out a chase ball after 2 ball searches. Putting the game into tournament mode has no effect on this, and there does not seem to be a game adjustment option either.!

Edit: Picture of test/bookkeeping options. gametestoptions|458x500