Transformers LE - how is Ironhide Scoring supposed to work?

Anyone know how this mode is supposed to work? Is the flap supposed to be down for the entirety of the Ironhide scoring mode?

On ours here on location, the flap stays down for the entirety of the mode, and then won’t come up enough after to release the ball unless you hit the side of the machine.

Also, the flaps seems to stay down for every right ramp shot, delaying the ball to come to the right inland feeder (no wires, no wire form?), but it does come down every time, unless Ironhide scoring is activated.

Any ideas, internet friends?

Yes it is supposed to remain down during the mode. At the end of the mode the flap should open releasing the ball.

During the mode, the ball passing over the optos scores points toward super pops, super spinner and special.

On regular shots up the right ramp, the ball should pass through the gate into the mini playfield and the gate should open allowing the ball to come back down the right return. If it is not doing that, it sounds like the solenoid is not working correctly.

As an aside, to make the right shots and IH mini mode worthwhile, I set the first special equal to one extra ball-it is equivalent to hitting the ramp 8-16 times to earn an extra ball depending on how well the mode is played. (But yours is on location, so that is not an option except from the operator)

I also wished it had a mini playfield GC for another side goal to work toward.


Thanks - to be sure, if the ball is getting stuck after Ironhide scoring, it’s a “feature” that it is resting on the flap, and a “bug” that the flap won’t open up enough when the ball is resting on the flap to let the ball thru?

During the mode the rocking action should keep the ball off the flap and with skillful timing of the “flippers”, the ball will keep crossing over the optos. If the ball falls down toward the flap due to poor timing of the flippers, or the player elects not to flip altogether, the ball will just sit on the flap until the mode ends,

Either way, the flap stays closed the entire time. When the mode ends, the flap should open fairly quickly without requiring the player to do anything.

I think the machine’s issue is a lack of power to open up the flap when the ball is sitting on it after Ironhide mode, sigh. Thanks again for the help!

I really wish there were more scoring opportunities with the mpf. Sure getting the super pops and spinner is nice, but having the points at the top be worth more would be nice as well. Then having a mpf GC would be worth something and also really make the mpf worth shooting for.