Training idea. Stage or tilt.

I was practicing staged flipper today at work. This is something I am really bad at and want to force myself to practice. The issue is there is no consequence when I make a mistake. So I started thinking of ideas. Mild electric shock. Set off a flashbulb on the back box. Then it hit me. Inspired by the Pinball Olympics BSD at replayfx.

Stage or Tilt!

I am trying to figure out the best way to wire this up, but I think I will start with the easy approach on one of my 2 flipper games. Add double leaf switches to the buttons. Wire the second switches to the tilt. Add and switch to turn on or off. Now if you flip to hard. Warning (or maybe immediate tilt depends on how debounce works).

I would love to be able to switch between this mode and the version where you need to keep the first stage engaged or else you tilt. A toggle to switch the mode you be cool. Bit this second mode sound impossible because you need to have them pressed before you start and while you plunge (I guess I could turn on flipper plunge).

If anyone has any ideas how to get the second mode wired and how to add wire things to be able to select between the 3 modes, that would be awesome.

Staging is a halfish button press into a full button press right? Wouldn’t you need three leafs? The first leaf and second leaf are always closed(tilt). When the second leaf and third leaf touch the flipper flips. If you don’t keep the second leaf between the first and third leaves(flipper button only moves second leaf) you either tilt or flip. I guess you need a lockdown bar button to start your game with your forehead? haha

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