TPF 2017 Stream


Just getting started with first day of qualifying. Enjoy!


standings link


Great stream today! Here’s a clip of the very last game of the night, where we see David Smith get a crazy end-around Lazarus on Back Hole:


Quaint, playful stork? Arson? No, sexy!


Stream will be resuming again for today’s qualifying. Likely sometime after 12pm.

Finals are at 6pm central.


The drama at the end of the event was pleasantly insane - good job with the stream Texas folk.




Crazy ball 3 comeback by Donovan Stepp on Big Game (he needed to win and have Garrett Hays finish last) followed by a just as crazy ball 3 400 million point comeback by Garrett in the tiebreak on Dr. Who. One of the best finishes of a tournament I can remember caught on stream.


There was a 7-7-7-0 tie in semis and an 8-4-2-0 situation after two games in the finals that led to a tiebreaker for first. Pretty crazy


We had the 7-7-7-0 tie once in finals at CAX. Love it.


The person with the zero probably isn’t so excited by that dramatic outcome. :wink:


Something that might help the streamed show experience, at least from watching a decent chunk of qualifying at this TPF, is a ‘commentators summary’ page from I know there wasn’t really anybody dedicated to being the ‘broadcaster’ for this, and trust me – I’m glad streams like this happen at all. I’m not trying to “booo” anything, just offer a suggestion.

If there was a single view that could be loaded during qualifying (now that there’s electronic queueing) that would show all the games being used, who is on each game, maybe who is up next, current top score for that game, stuff like that - it’d be a really handy reference for whomever sits down at the table to offer a little commentary.


Agreed that it would be nice to have perfect information. But a big shout out to @kdeangelo for integrating players’ names, IFPA information, qualifying seed and IFPA picture into the finals so that people could know who is player 1-4 for each match being streamed during finals.


Is this tourney going to be archived to youtube? If not will it stick around on twitch forever? I watched some of the tourney live and have been watching the rest in little chunks here and there. Great tourney I loved the game selections. The commentary wasn’t as polished as some other streams but it was just as entertaining.


Im going to get the TPF footage posted as soon as I’m finished uploading the pin-masters stuff. Thanks!


Thanks for tuning in. Sorry if it wasn’t polished - But glad that it was entertaining regardless. We opted to broadcast an incredible amount of quantity, nearly all throughout qualifying, and were reliant upon unplanned volunteers to sit down and do commentary – some of which had never done so before. Many other streams, if they broadcast qualifying at all, only do so during the final hour or two of qualifying.


No need to apologize! The footage was great. I wish PAPA would do the same thing. More is always better!

After I made my comment I did pause. Did that sound negative? I guess it was meant more to sound like “despite your limitations your stream was every bit as entertaining” it was 100% compliment.

Thanks again for all you and Garrett and everyone else does.


If all goes well, we will have another several days of streaming at Cactus Jacks silverball showdown!