Tourney formats with a small number of games.

I have two locations with 2 pinball games. They are very different types of games.

The first has 2 EM’s. A Flip-Flop and an El Dorado. The second has a TZ and a TSPP.

The first location has already had tournament and with the EM tables, I ended up adding the combined scores of the two games to declare the winner.

However, for the second location, the scoring differential between TZ’s and TSPP’s rules would not work out well in this format.

Does anyone have any good ideas of how to run a tournament with just a few pins with both these EM and DMD games?

Thank you.


I am also curious about good formats for small venues.

I prefer best 2 out of 3 then adding scores up myself.

Since TZ & TSPP support 4 player, could you utilize PAPA Finals format. Example:

4 Players on TZ , Play 3 games, 4-2-1-0 scoring. Then move onto TSPP , if you had 8 players both teams of 4 would just swap games…

A player could earn a max of 24 points if they won all 6 games…

The tournament ended up running with as many entries as the participants wanted to play. The scores were ranked and the player with the lowest combined ranks of scores took the top positions.

Worked great!