Tournament Settings Repo + MatchPlay Integration

Hi Everyone! I have a initiative that I’m working on which I started thinking about nearly two years ago now: Tournament Director Machine Information Wiki?

Problem Statement: There isn’t a good, centralized place where machine settings & setups can be stored for Tournament Directors.

Potential Solution: Settings stored in a GitHub repository which is pushed into OPDB &

  • Info files are stored in GitHub
  • Information presented to TDs in MatchPlay
  • Source Control used to track changes
  • Changes are pushed into OPDB + MatchPlay
    How it’ll look in MatchPlay:

Link to GitHub Repo:

If you’re interested in helping with this, please drop me a note/DM with your email and GitHub handle and we can invite you into the OPDB Slack and add you as a contributor to the GitHub repo. If you don’t have experience with GitHub, don’t let that hold you back from contributing! GitHub isn’t very complicated once you get started, and the workflow process will help with quality control.

More Details:

  • Markdown files are created for:
    • Competition Setup (things like software, switches, and adjustments)
    • Competition Notes (things like tech notes, concerns, etc)
  • Andreas has very kindly offered to store the data in OPDB and will soon integrate this into for TDs to see
  • It’s organized by OPDB Group ID as a way to organize across multiple machines of the same type (i.e. old EMs with different names, or moderns with different versions)
  • Initial data was seeded based on taking the data from PAPA/ReplayFX Competition Notes & dbs’s WA Pinball .docx files posted a few years ago
    • That means we have initial coverage for about 400 different machines out of the ~1700 distinct OPDB Groups
  • GitHub will be used for editing and version control
  • This initiative is NOT for discussing tournament strategy, but it will be a place to document known problems with games that TDs should know

Basic Workflow:

  • Create a GitHub branch or fork and make your proposed changes
  • Submit a GitHub pull request which will be reviewed by an Admin
  • Admins (which is currently only me) will merge the pull request and copy the data into OPDB, which will in turn be reflected on

What I envision is that there will likely be an initial rush of feedback to make changes to what exists or add in data for games that weren’t covered in the PAPA or WA Pinball feeds, and after that hopefully things live in a steady-state, especially for older games.

Hopefully this will be a fun effort that will provide value to the TD community! Many thanks of course to @haugstrup for the OPDB & MatchPlay support for this effort!


If you’re wondering exactly what this’ll look like in Match Play all you have to do is reload your browser. Then, as a TD, you’ll see a “Comp. setup” link on the Arenas tab and a “Comp. setup” tab when viewing the arena info panel.

Go to ether to view the setup guides.


some of that was out of date.

now will they be an easy way to pick out home / modded roms vs stock roms in the small display area?

any away to have an easy list of system level notes / vs having to copy and update the same info over meny games?

Yes, some of it might be out of date, but that’s kind of the point. The PAPA list is a great resource and this project looks to modernize and open-source the info.

I thought about that initially (i.e. “notes about Williams System 11 games”) but given the current setup, no. Page mappings are one-to-one with OPDB Groups and it would require a extra level of hierarchical organization, mapping, and maintenance.

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now is there an max size?

also it’s on TD to pick the right game say remake vs original when to players that error is not an issue. or stuff like old godzilla vs new when the location only has one.

Both the setup and notes fields each hold 4,000 characters, which is enough space to say “Disable the claw on Demo Man” about 280 times.


but with the tournament rom you don’t need to disable the claw.

I just want to bump this up as it came up it conversation in preparing for NACS. It would be great if we could all help contribute back to this. Especially things like “play as one player because game has Catch Up mystery award.”

I would say check it will setting up your tournaments. If something is missing or wrong, make a note and submit a PR later. If the PR process is too confusing, I am sure we can figure something out.

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well some of the system 3 games with Catch Up should not even be played as 1 player as the mystery can be very unbalanced and tournament mode does not fix it.

others like surfin safari need hardware mods.

Make a list, submit your suggested changes to the relevant entries

as for the Source: lines keep them as stuff is added / changed?
some settings like ball save should be listed as TD’s choice.
and other stuff should be listed as if game is to be put on free play or not.

Also some things list Verify coin door ball save on games that do not have that at all.