Tournament Setting for Gottlieb System 80B?

I own two of them (Genesis and Bounty Hunter) and both show the same manner for Switch 28 Novelty on Yes (Extraballs and Specials for 500k points) - so I suppose it might be the same on every System 80B game.

So what’s the manner - collected Extraballs don’t switch off, so you can collect them “endlessely” once it is lit. It doesn’t matter so much on Genesis, but on Bounty Hunter a single switch becomes ridiculous valuable.

Is there a possibility on the settings to change this? any recommendations?


Extra Balls on my Genesis turn off once collected. I think that works well for the rules of the game in that completing more body parts in the same ball becomes much more lucrative.

my Genesis doesn’t turn off, every next body part on the same ball collects another 500k. If I change the settings to Extraball instead of points it turns off (and the same of course on Bounty Hunter)

I guess that’s the difference, I have mine set on points, since none of my games have extra balls on

So what are your exact settings? I tried everything (on both games), but the extraball doesn’t turn off if it is set on points

I’ll have to check when I get home, I don’t remember all of my dip switch settings.

already thanks in advance, Adam!

small correction for Genesis: the Extra Ball lamp goes off, but you still get the reward of 500k for every next body part on the same ball.

Here are my dip switch settings (from the last try) - on are: 4, 7, 8, 15, 16, 24, 25, 28, 31, 32
relevant for game play are from my point of view only 8, 28, (29), 31, 32
8: only one part or all parts
28: novelty
(29): replay/extraball
31: special after completing all body parts/life-force
32: extraball after completing 3/4 body parts on the same ball

Curious if anybody has an answer on this issue?

I’m having the same issue with my Rack 'em Up machine. The extra ball lights randomly out of the pops; if I set the machine to novelty mode, then that stand up will award points and not an extra ball. However, after collecting, the switch remains lit for unlimited collects until the pops are hit again, which is pretty unbalanced relative to the scoring in the game.

@JSwain, you all have a Rack 'em Up, right? What do you all use for tournament settings on that game, with regard to extra balls?

Thanks, everyone!

Would you mind sharing your switch settings for Genesis? New game for me and was also wondering how to completely turn off EB’s. Novelty switches between points or EB’s?

Our extra balls are on. Often extra balls are on for certain games because we set certain older games to freeplay by setting the ultra low replay scores and often turning off the extra balls also turns off the credit award for replays on older games.

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Thanks for the input, Jim. Appreciate it.

I only said I would check my dip switches over a year ago, jeez, get off my back :smiley:

I’ll try to remember to take a look tonight :slight_smile:

hahahahaha just trying to keep people honest jeez

Looking for help with dip switch settings too. My genesis is currently giving out EBs every 3 body parts and I would like that to stop. Haha.

For Devils Dare we left the extra balls on because you could just collect points over and over with that selection. The game is hard enough that leaving extra balls on doesn’t make the game much easier even for top players. This might be a good task for Soren to take up?

Genesis sw 28 to ON completely turns off EBs. Novelty mode it’s called. I’ll keep playing it and see if there’s anything weird with the scoring. But for now, it seems okay.