Tournament ruling: Pump and Dump - Disabled machines

I was wondering seeing if someone could explain the thought process of the wording of this rule. I found it interesting during classics at PAPA because cyclopes went down before 50% of qualifying, but was ruled disabled (i.e. techs gave up) after 50% of qualifying. The rule is clearly written based on time it was disabled and not the amount of time it was available for play. Is the thinking that with less than 50% time remaining, the refunded entries don’t have enough time to play and it is too much of mess? The ruling to keep the scores was correct, I was just trying to understand the thought process.

Scores will be kept on a disabled machine if the tournament is >50% through the qualifying process. If the tournament is <50% through the qualifying process, all scores will be considered void. Players will be compensated with one game on a replacement machine, unless the tournament software allows the ability to track how many times that player had played the disabled machine.