Tournament ruling - playing extra ball that should be plunged

I apologize if this has been answered, couldn’t find with quick search and trying to get feedback mid tournament.

If extra balls are supposed to be plunged and the player plays an extra ball after ball two, are they disqualified immediately or can they plunge ball three as if that were the extra ball?

Typically they are disqualified immediately.


It depends on the rules as written. If the rules say “plunge extra balls” then playing it is a DQ or whatever other punishment is specified. IFPA rules iirc state that the game should be played as it lies so extra balls earned are played ( although they should be disabled). Any other rule would have to be stated explicitly.

In our leagues and tournaments we typically allow the extra ball to be played in place of a third ball at the player’s discretion, but only if the player announces their intent clearly before plunging. Absolutely no “crap I just accidentally started Sea of Simulation and want to play it” shenanigans.

perhaps they should tilt before they plunge