Tournament Ruling-Ghostbusters Slimer Malfunction

This happened to me last night and I was wondering about a ruling for it.

2 player game on Ghostbusters. Player 1 Ball 3 I don’t have a mode started so I shoot the Ghost target to bring Slimer down. The DMD tells me to shoot slimer, indicating that he should be active, but slimer bugs out and goes all the way to the left above the plastics and is therefore impossible to hit. Subsequent hits to the ghost target don’t move him. I trapped the ball but of course ball search won’t activate with a flipper held up.

It should be noted that the other player had successfully hit slimer on the previous ball and started a mode from him.

What’s the ruling here?

Major Malfunction: “A flipper or other major playfield feature ceases to function.” Section I.3
If Slimer can’t be fixed, or doesn’t reset himself, then Catastrophic Malfunction.

It’s not a Minor Malfunction because “… and without providing any player a significant advantage over others,” doesn’t apply.

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doesn’t the new code enable the ghost target to replace slimmer hit?

Maybe if Slimer is disabled through the settings. Not by default though.

“…If you disable your slimer mech with the Adjustment then the Ghost Target will now trigger Slimer hits…”

I didn’t read that right… it would be good if they enabled ghost target to count as slimmer hits in normal game play.

Agreed, I have yet to play a GB yet where Slimer is 100% reliable.

But yea, Major Malfunction, leaning toward catastrophic if unfix-able

This is interesting, didn’t seem to pass the “Cliff Jump” test in my mind. Most games of Ghostbusters I don’t end up bringing slimer out. Modes are still available via skillshot, 2 ladders are unaffected, multiball is arguably easier. Lots of alternative strategies available. I certainly see why you guys say major, but it reinforces in my mind the ruling are hard.

Nah, just disable the slimer mech mid-game should this happen since Stern games allow you to go in the menu without resetting the game (I’m assuming this should work)

I would:

  1. remove ball and see if ball search instigates Slimer to move back. Test slimer in the menu to see if he is indeed broken.

  2. Rule it as a minor malfunction and tell the players to play on.


Keep in mind the “disable slimer mech” adjustment does nothing at this point. No compensation. So you can’t beat ballroom or start modes any other way than skillshot.

insert Feed to the Woodchipper recommendation


Decided to test this. Disable slimer motor mid ball. You will be amazed what happens next.

Spoilers, the game crashes during He Slimed Me, consistently if motor is disabled, so this is not an option.



whoa… yeah, that is a no go :slight_smile: I wonder if it crash just the same if disable straight up…

I think the game should just award slimmer shots when you shoot the ghost target by default. similar to shooting ramp/orbit behind the best in The Hobbit :slight_smile:

The crash has nothing to do with changing it mid game. I tried if a couple more times afterwards and it crashed each time.

This was ball three with the ball in play. No way to start modes. TD: “Sorry, you’ll just have to shoot for ghosts”?