Tournament Flyers!


I never said anyone dislikes you for two words. When I said “why debate with folks that already dislike you,” I was referring to why would trans women try to talk to a TERF. (Feminists who don’t think of trans women as women.) Sorry, perhaps I could have worded that better.

You’re not a jerk for having “no dicks” on your flyer, and I have no doubt you created a wonderful environment for women to play pinball. My whole reason for bringing that one phrase up is to make you aware of a microagression. Intentions can be misunderstood, especially in text. Sorry if I’ve upset you.


All the women’s leagues have the best flyers! I’m not sure there are any explicit “guys only” pinball leagues out there, but if there were, I imagine the flyers would be something like this:


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For the women’s events I run, I make sure to include “Trans women welcome” somewhere in the description.


Ooooh, cool flyer. We went with Sopranos on ours, but KISS is a nice touch.


I mean, I already made a post saying I have heard this once before and thought about it myself, so yeah, I am aware. Totally also aware that for the last 36 months I have been running a very fun and successful tournament that no one has complained about or had anything negative said about it. I bet you’re aware of how thankless of a job this can be -I’m often staying out till 1 or 2am until the tournament is finished and I’m no longer playing in it. I’ve made plenty of sacrifices and put up with many jokes and slightly mean spirited comments about this tournament, so I really am not looking for more of them. Sometimes I feel like people are trying to out PC each other. I appreciate your apology and realize you weren’t trying to upset me.


Look everyone, I changed it. You can put the pitchforks and torches away now.





SUPERLIKE. This poster is rad.


Brad does some real good work on these flyers for sure.


Here’s a custom one made by Blake Dumesnil. Blake is a graphic designer for NASA, so I was super stoked to get him to design a flyer for space city pinball. FWIW, he also did art for the Spooky Domino’s pin.


Isn’t that a bit discriminatory to women with only one eye. What’s the implied message here, they all need to carry laser space guns around with them now?



:scream_cat: This is so hilarious. You’re such a cheeky jokester!


I’ve made a few of these in recent months and thought I’d share. Thanks to @spraynard for the templates! (FWIW: I got the most compliments on the third one)


This is from last weekend’s 24-hour event at Netherworld:


8 days away!


From a few years ago. We also ran a “Serenity Now” side tournament, in which players were limited to 2 minute games, but could add 30 seconds to that if they answered a Seinfeld trivia question correct. I believe that was the last side tournament Andreas will ever host.


This is my new favorite thread. Keep 'em coming! Reminds of the the site (RIP) I loved that place.


Here are a couple launch party posters we used for Star Wars & Aerosmith. The Star Wars / PP fundraiser poster was an original piece done by an unnamed star who works at Off the Waffle.