Tournament directory?

I was trying to figure out trips and always wanna see when I can roll pinball into a vacation. Anyhow, is there any good directory for finding out what tournies are where? I looked on for Circuit tournaments but they don’t have to necessarily be that, but bigger events are of more interest to me.

The IFPA calendar has tons of stuff but hard to sort so I didn’t know if there was a place where expos/tournaments were listed? I think I saw a flyer at Expo that Marco had put out with some major shows on it but not sure if there’s an easier online resource?

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I don’t know if any site will have everything, but here’s another good resource:

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It would be nice if there was one site that was reasonably thorough. When I was trying to set up league dates for spring I missed a tournament that didn’t seem to be published any of the obvious places and unknowingly scheduled over it.

FWIW, here’s my own summary of upcoming open US events of interest this year. YMMV, e.g. Ohio, Outer Banks, etc. Each should have a reasonable number of players, prize money / trophies, WPPR value and most have both a show and a tournament:

March 4-6 Louisville
March 18-20 PinMasters, Las Vegas
March 18-20 Texas Pinball Festival, Dallas
April 6-9 PAPA, Pittsburgh
April 16-17 Zapcon, Mesa, AZ
April 21-23 Pinball at the Zoo, Kalamazoo, MI
May 6-8 YegPin, Edmonton Pinball Expo, AB
May 6-7 Pinfest, Allentown, PA
May 13-15 Pin-A-Go-Go, Dixon, CA
May 20 Pin-Pin, Las Vegas
May 20-22 Cactus Jacks, Oklahoma City
May 27-28 Lyons, CO
June 3-5 NW show, Tacoma, WA
June 10-12 Southern Fried, Atlanta
June 10-12 Rocky Mountain, Denver area
July 7-9, New England, Sturbridge, MA
July 15-17 California Extreme, Santa Clara
July 28-31 Replay / Pinburgh
Sep 23-25 Vancouver Flip Out
Oct 12-16 Expo
Nov 11-13 Free Play Florida

I haven’t seen definitive dates yet for Portland Pinbrawl or the NW Tournament [not the same as the NW show] near Seattle, but I would count those, too.


From KCB a couple days ago: NW Pinball Champs are Sept 16-18 Bellevue, WA

Yep, NWPC is Sept 16-18 in Bellevue, WA (near Seattle, same as last year). Official announcement soon but the date is booked and confirmed.

Portland Pinbrawl is April 17

City Champ will be played December 17-18th in San Francisco.

And there will most likely be another tournament that weekend hosted by POP, details coming soon.

There is a tournament this Saturday in Pelham, AL (driving distance from Atlanta, GA) at Southern Coin-op and Amusements. $30 buy-in. We had our State Finals there this past Sat; great set-up. Nearly 3 dozen pins.

I have made this a post a “wiki” that anyone can update with new information. Perhaps we could move this to a pinned topic, by itself.

That’s a great idea!

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I don’t know where it fits in this wiki but @echa maintains – the one true list of pinball tournaments and events in the SF Bay Area. I would be lost without it.


I updated the dates for Free Play Florida.