Tournament advice! Been a while!!! TGP advice please!

Hey all
Been since covid since I have run league or a tournament. It is a charity/bday event so going with groups of 4 matchplay for the socials! Will the following get max TPG? Any suggestions/advice appreciated!

I used the TPG calculator and see that 9 rounds of 4 player group matchplay equals 18 meaningful games (72% TGP). I need 26 games total to get max?

Lets say I have 20 players total and top 8 make the playoffs. I can either do…

a, challonge bracket style, single elimination, best of 3 games head to head or
b, matchplay, 2 groups of 4 players, play 2 or 3 games, 3,2,1,0 scoring, top 2 from each group of four move to the final 4. The final 4 play 2 or 3 more games with 3,2,1,0 scoring to determine the winner. (or would it be better to do 7,5,3,1 to avoid tiebreaks?)

Trying to not have the tournament run all night so time is a factor.

Which format for playoffs is better do you think? Any other advice is welcome. Thanks!!

You need 25 total games played to get 100% TGP.
So both (a) and (b) get you there, even where you use 2 games per round in (b).

Whether you use 3,2,1,0 or 7,5,3,1 is meaningless – they’re the same in terms of differentiating between 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

25 is the magic number. 18 from qualifying is right. Look up the TGP guide for whatever you choose for finals and add that to qualifying. Need 7 more meaningful games for 25.

Ime, scenario b will not take as long. I like to keep the format the same for qualifying and finals.

Awesome thanks!

Thanks Chuck!!

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Another question. If I have a room with 10 pins and another with 2 or 3 can I use “arena banks” in match play to make it so that at least one pin in each arena bank is selected to try to spread the players out a bit? I have not used that feature before. Looks like there is a “balanced arena banks” option. Anyone have any experience with this? (format is single game matchplay groups of 4)

Make a bank with whatever games you want. Just go into the game edit window and you can assign it a category.

Then when you draw a round, select the category you want to draw games from.


Ok cool thanks. Can I make it so that when I draw a round games are picked from multiple categories (in this case 2 categories)? I want to see if I can make sure each round has players in both rooms so they all dont end up in the same room which would be pretty tight!!

Let’s say you have games A-E in one room and games V-Z in the other room.
You could create five banks. A-V, B-W, C-X, etc.

That’s one way to do it. You could also not bother with banks at all and just create the round but not publish it until you have verified you have players in the rooms you want. Randomly re-select games until you have the mix you want, then publish.

what others are trying to get at here is, no you cannot.

How many machines do you have in each room?

So I think what you could do is the following:
Set up an ‘A’ bank with half of the machines in Room 1 and half of the machines in Room 2
Set up a ‘B’ bank with the other half of the machines in Room 1 and Room 2

When you start Round 1 it will ask where to draw machines from (defaults to “Draw Arenas From Any Category”), select “Only ‘A’ Arenas” and depending on the number of machines in each room, this should balance out to spread players between both rooms, Round 2 select “Only ‘B’ Arenas” and then alternate every round after that so you use all of the machines available.

Also, depending on the number of players and the number of machines available, you could even do 3 categories with 1/3 of the machines from each room in order to better ensure the split between each room.

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Right on thanks. That sounds like it could work. I have 11 in one room and 3 in the other.

Ahh yes thanks that sounds easier (Randomly re-select games) until there is at least one group in each room!

It all seems a little complicated but doable. I might just roll the dice lol and if it is tight on the one room then oh well!

Sounds like you should set up A bank with 5 pins from room 1, and 2 pins from room 2, with none of the 5 or the 2 adjacent to each other.

And B bank is 6 from room 1, and the last 1 from room 2, also with none of the 6 room 1 pins adjacent to each other. Alternate drawing Arenas from Bank A for round 1, and then Bank B for round 2, and so on.


Awesome thanks! That sounds like the perfect solution!

This is what I meant with my comment. Thanks for articulating it way better than me. Haha

Ah right on thanks :slight_smile:

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What I do at my house is all my games are in one room, but I organize them by new old new old and so on. I make two banks and draw from one or the other each round. Ensures everyone plays the same game types each round, and also spreads the players out.

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