TOTAN Question

Is there a that makes locks not hold between balls on TOTAN?

We were using it in a tournament, and if a player didn’t get both locks and the start in one ball, they would have to relock any locked balls again (like Funhouse in tournament settings). Is that the way TOTAN works as well? Or was this some sort of software malfunction.

Settings: One player games/ Medium multiball/ Tournament mode.

Necessity on games with no auto plunger.

The autoplunger doesn’t come into play here.

Let me see if I can explain it better.

On ball one, a player lights lock and locks two balls. The genie is lit for multiball. But the player drains.

On ball two, the genie is no longer lit, but the tiger loops are lit to “relock” the balls (both balls from ball one are still in the lock).

What I mean is. On games with no auto plunger, the game logic cannot start a three ball multiball with only one ball on the playfield. Hence game designers have no choice but to claim relocks.

If not in either case (as Funhouse) then at least if and when an alternating player has “stolen” “your locks” from the playfield lock trough.

I think it is just how TOTAN works in tournament mode. Just used TOTAN in a tournament a couple of weeks ago and the machine functioned the way you described.

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yeah there is no way that any software setting would get the functionality you desire. Soren is correct - without an auto plunger, all balls need to be physically present on the playfield for a multiball to start.

So there is no setting for this on Totan.

Lots of games work like this as you noted, including WH20, corvette etc…

But the bigger question is - who the heck is going for multiball on totan XD

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What he’s saying, and I think it’s confusing at first, is when all this happens in a one-player game. But Funhouse did it first: lock 2 balls on ball 1, drain, time is back to 11:30 for ball 2. It’s the same thing in TOTAN, you must get all 3 locks on the same ball for it to count in tournament mode.

A person that got a sneaky lock on ball one, and then spent the rest of their game trying to get that multiball. According to them, they locked 6 balls without ever starting the multiball.

That is an awesomely impressive feat.

Actually this topic reminds me of how playfield physical locks seems to be one of several - once standard - pinball mechanical features that just got ignored completely by Stern at some point. For cost reasons, I assume. Along stuff like ramp diverters, subways, video mode and kick back.

Have we seen playfield locks on a Stern game since Lord Of The Rings? Oh, Avatar (sort of).

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need 10 characters really Greg?


WPT got the jail bars before Avatar. Ripleys has two ramp diverters and BDK has one.