Total Nuclear Annihilation Rulesheet

We played this in league the other night and I thought I noticed a “Danger -through” Has anyone observed this behavior?

Yes, it happened at INDISC. Scott mentioned on pinside that he is going to add logic to avoid this.


I have a theory it just wants to “hold” a bunch of reserve dangers for later and then just fire them off ~10 seconds later at seemingly random intervals. :joy:

Looks like there will be a TNA at my house for league next weekend. I’m going to try inverting the tilt bob to prevent those 10+ second late danger-throughs. It would take an exploitable amount of software debounce to stop those. Fix has to be physical.

Or the ear plug mod


I’ve seen the danger through on both the machines that are on location in Portland.

Just watched @soren’s awesome video, and I will definitely try the ear plug.

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Will the a-level tournament strat be to immediately light outlane ball save and immediately relight it (during ball save) when it’s used? Or is the game too difficult for even pros to make this viable?

Lighting ball save is not an easy task. Using your ball save time for good and not for evil is very important! Also, ball save time during multiball doesn’t stop when a ball drains…

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The Reactor Value can be increased at any time before destroying it.

To clarify, even once the reactor has gone critical, it is still possible to increase its value with the spinner and upper “reactor” slings and targets up to a predetermined “max value” available for each reactor?

Assuming the answer is “yes”, what happens/do you get for continuing to hit those switches after max value has been achieved?

I noticed I received a “Max. Reactor Value” after hitting all three of the upper right arrow targets in the reactor. Can the max value be achieved with say, the spinner as well, or do you have to hit the upper arrow targets?

Thx, amazing game!


Nada. Except you probably get 10 or 100 points per switch or something.

Not the spinner, but you can max it out via reactor slingshot switches. That was the only way to do it before Scott recently added the 1-2-3 thing.

Turns out, yes! I was wrong in the previous post.

This worked like a champ, BTW.

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Finally gotten a chance to play this, and it’s incredible. Just ordered one for my office.

One bit of feedback: I wanna see the amount of points scored for a reactor being destroyed when it happens. I’ve watched while others play and it seems like there’s a display effect for “Reactor Destroyed”, and then the point total would come next, but is often overridden by something else.

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You might consider posting this to the over on pinside on the TNA owners thread. Scott is very engaged with the community about his game and very receptive to feedback.

You posted that within hours of it coming true in the new software version.


v1.1.0 – 02/21/2018 – Scott Danesi

Bugs Fixed

– Fixed issue with attract frames loading 2 times on reset. This will slightly speed up the
game over reset process. Still working on making this faster. Michael Ocean is awesome.
– Fixed small video lag at beginning of first ball in the Welcome to the Future animation.
– Removed log file issues with bonus and PNG headers (not anything anyone cares about besides me)
– Significant video performance enhancements.
– Fixed bugs in Ball Search functionality.
– Fixed hard crash when trying to do a quick restart during the bonus count.
– Fixed bug where angry player can tilt out the next player too easily.
– Cleaned up unnecessary Ballsearch log error.
– Fixed Secret Skillshot exploit.
– Fixed attract mode ballsearch so it will not keep cycling if a player is too impatient for the balls to reset and drain.
– Fixed log error when saving data files to disk.
– Fixed tilt issue where prior player tilts after bonus.
– Jackpot lightshows improved.
– Shaker now enabled and disabled properly without machine restart.
– Shaker issue when starting mystery now disables properly.
– Destroy Reactor ballsave now active when multiball is running as well.
– Fixed Avg Ball Time Calculation.
– Fixed Avg Score Calculation.
– Fixed Avg Game Time Calculation.
– Changed Coin Drop notification font.
– Updated drop target handling logic to prevent balls from getting stuck in right scoop under specific conditions.
– Fixed some other misc font issues.
– Fixed flickering GI when lane changing the skillshot.
– Fixed coin drop issue for coins with a value larger than a single credit.

Features Added / Modifications

– Significant changes to asset loading resulting is quicker boot times
– Super jackpot will now add a ball into play for up to a 4 ball multiball! This also enables up to 4x playfield multipliers. Indicated with white colored flashing ball lock inserts.
– Add A Ball is limited to 1 ball added per multiball.
– Destroyed reactors now score 1 point each to store the player’s progress in the last digit of their score. Match will ignore this last digit and treat it like a 0. For example, if a player earns 100,000 points and destroys 2 reactors their score would be 100,002.
– Reworking of display animations and notifications to clean up a bunch of things.
– Lock Quickshot display and scoring updates.
– Skillshot now displays score values when awarded.
– Adjusted orbit timer from 5 seconds to 3 seconds.
– Set default coil power settings to Bryan Kelly recommended settings, so you may want to update these after the update.
– Bonus now includes bonus total at end of bonus count. Also new lightshow and sound for that.
– Remastered music from the Total Nuclear Annihilation Album has been updated on the game. Also other various audio has been remastered throughout the game.
– Last game scores are now saved and recalled after a hard reboot of the game on the numeric displays. This was needed in case there was a display error that requires a machine restart so the scores are preserved.
– Locking a ball now awards 20k points.
– All LED test now can stop on specific colors when pressing the enter or start button.
– Jackpot Drop Reset Seconds is now configurable in the service menu.
– Secret Skillshot now awards a default time ball save, but allows multiple saves for the entire save time. Awesome.
– Add A Ball now enables default multiball ballsave.
– Reduced overall RAM usage of PC significantly.
– Early ball save added for cashing in a ball save on an outlane.
– Added drop target test in service mode.
– Added warning message on the display if drop target error is detected by the system.
– Added Free Game Percent to Coin Op Audits.
– Upper rollovers now advance reactor value and award a reactor shot when started.
– Added a few things to Mystery Mode
– New Tilt warning sound. Replaced the public domain missile siren with custom effect.
– Mystery awards are now stackable, meaning you can light mystery more than once and the game will keep track of it for you and you can cash it is by hitting the scoop multiple times.
– Ball save timer setting added to the add-a-ball ball save (separate from the standard ball save).
– Reactor Keypad now more evenly distributes spotted targets when targeting a new reactor.
– Ball saver will now pause for mystery award and reactor starting.
– Replay award can be selectable between Credit or Extra Ball.
– Multiball ball saver will now only save the first 3 balls drained.
– Reactor inserts now glow Orange when targeted indicating Extra Ball when applicable
– Tilt switch sensitivity added to service menu.
– Last scores now show on the LCD after game over.
– Can now scroll through the individual high score categories in attract mode.
– Music Test now tests ALL reactors.

Download Link


Scott works quick.

Bonus: I dont have to go to Pinside.


Does destroying the 9th reactor end the game completely? I watched the IE pinball video, and couldn’t tell if the flippers died after 9 or not.