Top Rope Pinball On TPN - 5.3 Billion on Godzilla, Close to King of the Monsters....

Hey everyone,

After a month plus of no social pinball interaction, I decide to gear up to stream. So much fun and lots of exponential learning. Ive streamed Tron then Genie and now streaming Iron Maiden Run To The Hills attempts. Starting to come together for sure. As you can tell by the name, it is wrestling based themed and a mix of serious play along with a skew toward goofy fun and craziness.

Come take a peak. If you don’t have time to watch the whole streams, the intros are worth the price of admission (free…) IMHO.

You can fine me on the following:
Facebook - Top Rope Pinball | Facebook
Twitch -
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Hope to see you in a future chat until we can get the tournament scene up and rolling again!

Enjoy and Cheer,
Robert Byers
Player # 164 (Slam Tilt shout out)
Aka Master Rob B (Don’t ask)
Aka Tazmo72


13 Episodes Posted. I made it to Enterprise Amok tonight and it was pretty good. Still working on picture qualify. Tricky things C922. May have to invest in a Sony soon…

I have a Sony CX405 on the way and all the stuff to use it. I should have much improved playfield video this weeked!!!

What should we stream?
Argosy, Genie, Tron, Star Trek, Iron Maiden…

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Ok. I’ll probably move the stuff to do an Argosy stream and gameplay this weekend. Maybe Saturday in the morning.

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Geared up and ready to go. Come join me tomorrow morning at 10am central time for some Argosy Gameplay and Strategies. You will see this in a classic event if we ever get to play pinball with each other again!!!

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All Episodes are now updated on Twitch and YouTube. On Twitch, I Highlighted some of the more significant wrestling intros!!
Argosy Stream from this morning

The places:

Finally. IM RTTH Challenge Completed. I clipped out the beginning of the Episode and the Final Game. ENJOY!!!


Tron Challenge around 1:30-2:00 start time. Going to record number of attempts along with:
Portals reached.
Portals started without Sea of Simulation
2x Portals started.
Portals completed.


Switching to Star Trek.
Challenges (suggestions)

Must watch. (only 4 minutes). So I set up 2x scoring with 9.9 warps and stacked Kobayashi for 90Mil collect and they complete Kobayashi with 2x scoring running most of the time for 170mil total.
Glitch!!! With 2-ball 9.9 running, Medals didnt do count down so it didnt waste my 2x scoring while the countdown of medals was awarding!!!

Check out the Rey Mysterio Intro while you are there


That was the most amazing Star Trek performance by a Texas state champ in several weeks!

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“Two shots for the glory!”
And eventually, you got the rare 4-ball Kobayashi multiball, too. Sweet.


Stream coming - IM DB Challenge


Should be fun. Come see.

Whoa. What a stream! So much fun!!!
So I did about 20 shots in 2 1/2 hours. The Ultimate Warrior intro had me out of breath. I know its a long stream however lots of great moments throughout. It really starts getting crazy about 1:30 and at 2:00 on I don’t even remember it. It was like watching someone else! Lots of calls outs. It’s Sunday. Sit down and enjoy a few minutes at the times I pointed out and watch the intro. I bet you watch more than you think. CHEERS!!!

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See you tomorrow.

If you missed Enterprise Adrunk, you missed another wonderful time!!!

Intros at:
The Game (Time 10:00)
Rik Flair (Time 52:00)
Rey Mysterio (Time 1:20:00)
Macho (1:30:00)
Undertaken (1:53:00)
Piper (2:11:00)
Drunk Warrior (2:13:00)


Ok Top Rope Pinball fans and friends. I am going to start streaming again on a more regular schedule and need your input/suggestions. I want your streaming ideas, targets, goals, etc for my games I have available at home. Score targets, game specific targets, time challenges, wizards modes, gameplay. You tell me.

Here is my game list:

World Poker Tour
Star Trek Pro
Iron Maiden Pro
Jurassic Premium

Also, as I do wrestler intros as part of the stream let me know who you want to see and I’ll try and make it happen.


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I have not seen WWE in ages. If you have no done it yet I suggest Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase. Do you have a prop belt to make every stream a title match?