Top 10 Most Intriguing (Pinball) People of 2018


On Dec. 30, I’ll be releasing on Pinball Profile, The Top 10 Most Intriguing People of 2018.

Who do you think should be on this list, and why?


The Hungarian Pitbull! Why, because he is the Hungarian Pitbull!


I was just asking on our local pinball IRC channel if anyone knows why doesn’t compete as much anymore! Mr. Szalai is the epitome of an intriguing pinball person.


Herbert from Austria will definitely be getting an honourable mention.


Johannes Ostermeier


My vote goes for @zEn, but him being intriguing can’t be confined to a single year.


Hahaha! I second that. :laughing:


@pinwizj should be second on the list of course :smiley:


Whoever is in charge at Deeproot because I still have no idea what that company is about, but they sure like getting their name out there and building hype.


I nominate @soren because of his great work on making custom ROMs!


Lmao, very funny dude. Well, right back at you, I vote for the PinballNarcissist.

This told me all I wanted to know about them. If they ever produce a pinball machine I’ll check it out.


The episode with Top 10 will be released later today (Dec. 30)

#14 to hear the list…enjoy


I’m freakin’ honored to have even heard my name float across in passing. Great idea and well done, Jeff.