Time attack tournament Format..

So at Kidforce Collectibles in Cleveland we are trying to come up with creative tournament formats to run once a month. One that we were considering is a time attack tournament.

Basic idea would be maybe:

5 qualifying games, 5 minutes per game, 5 games all played at the exact same time (so you only need one scorekeeper and timer), 100,90,85, 84…scoring on each game with your five scores added together.

Anyways it seems simple enough but, how would we do finals? Should we even bother with finals?

And I’m sure others have tried something like this, how did you run it?

@ClevelandPinball @jdelz lemme know what you guys think too.


Sounds like a fun concept to hash out, but I was under the impression that “time-based” formats are not endorsed by IFPA, though perhaps that has changed.

Finals (top 4): Everyone gets 15 minutes on the game of the top seed’s choice, unlimited balls. Maybe set it on 1-ball or 5?

@pinwizj are they not eligible?

points or not I still want to do it and would love to see how it turns out. Good idea on finals Brian. 15 minutes is a good chunk of time too!

From the WPPR information page:

“The TGP only considers games of 3 or more balls in the game count, with the exception of the Pin-Golf format where players can possibly hit their target score in fewer than 3 balls. 1 ball games or any timed games will not be included in the TGP calculation.”

Sounds like fun though, as does the zombie thing.

So maybe you could use a time-based format for qualifying/seeding, and then run finals based on that in an approved format if you really wanted to push for wpprs

@KCB tell 'em about your chess timer tourney!

heard you talking about that on the podcast. Sounds cool!