This Week in Pinball: Iron Maiden Stream, MGC Preview, Pinball Expo, Trudeau, More

Hi all, been lurking here a while but this is my first post. I wanted to share that I am starting a pinball website called This Week in Pinball ( I plan to post weekly on Mondays, and the post will include noteworthy happenings in the pinball world, such as new games/rumors/mods, production and coding updates, pinball show reviews and announcements, results from competitions, notable pinball streams/videos/podcasts, etc., along with a game of the week, website of the week, and a monthly challenge to be entered into a drawing for something pinball related.

The plan is for each weekly post to contain short readable summaries, a snapshot of what’s happening since it is getting more difficult to keep up with everything. I posted the first weekly post this morning at

If you have anything you’d like to be included or see something I miss (which I’m sure will happen), shoot me an email at Thanks!


To make it a little easier to get to, here is a link to the site:


Hey, looks great! I really like the concept of doing weekly summaries. Maybe you want to share a little more about you? Who you are, what you do, how you became interested in pinball, etc.? Or is it a group who is hosting This Week in Pinball?

Thanks for the nice feedback. I’m just a guy that loves pinball, played in college (lots of Funhouse), then got back into it about 3-4 years ago when I randomly met a pinhead, and it completely snowballed from there. Bought a few pins, learned about fixing them, joined a local league, and started listening to all the podcasts and reading up on what was happening. A second hobby is learning about web design, and combining the two I got the idea for TWIP.

Hi all, this week in pinball is posted, and I even included a link this time: Timeshock, Thunderbirds, TBL Review, more…



not too cool to rip off the TWIT’s team in naming your content :frowning:

I think Nate Shivers would beg to differ. :wink:

Isn’t it all a homage to TWIPF? Or maybe even something that predates that.

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This Week In Science and This Week In Baseball also predate TWIT by minute or two… (Both date to 2000, so TWIPF is still ahead by a long shot.)


I watched This Week in Baseball as a kid, but haven’t heard of TWIT or TWIPF. I assume a lot of hobbies have a “This Week in…”


TWIT is a pioneering show in Professional Podcasting that has an entire network of ‘This week in XYZ’ shows.

This is not just about ‘all hobbies’ - this is within the podcasting universe itself. See

Difference is… TWIPF isn’t an active and established podcasting production house like is

Cool, I’ll check out the TWiT website. This Week in Pinball isn’t a podcast btw, and just doing this for fun.

Just finished with tomorrow’s update (Pinburgh, Jetsons Gameplay, etc.), will post in the morning!

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Hi all, TWIP posted this morning and includes Pinburgh info, Jetsons Gameplay, more.

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I could email, but I will just put this here. Generally, I don’t think Domino’s and Jetsons should be considered Spooky games. They are contract games, so it is similar to calling MMR a Stern game (but not exactly). You might want to indicate this somehow in the upcoming games section. Jetsons is a The pinball company game.

Great point, and thanks for the feedback. I’ll tweak that for next week.

For anyone interested…

This Week in Pinball: Total Nuclear Annihilation, Stern Ghosting, Pinburgh Recap, more pinball

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Good morning Pinheads! For anyone interested:

This Week in Pinball - Star Wars Premium Gameplay (what was seen/heard/learned), Alien Updates, Monthly Giveaway Winner Announced, More

I have a video that demonstrates the Flipper Finesse Feature that I recently posted to YouTube:

The idea here is to offer limited “Finesse” editions of games that utilize this new feature.

NOTE- The feature can be disabled when game is set to “Tournament/Competition” mode.

Maybe TWIP can mention this feature in a future newsletter?

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Interesting idea, I’ll check out the video. Thanks for sharing!

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