This Flippin Podcast - Swag auction for Hurricane Harvey victims

Sorry if this is not allowed, if so please feel free to delete.

We are running an online auction to raise money for Hurricane Harvey relief on our FB page linked below.

You get an XL TFP shirt, Couple decals, 2 decks of Critical Hit decks, Tilt Hammer Knock Knock pin, Pinburgh 2017 Dollar game kit, you also get to pick our intro and outro music and record an intro for an upcoming episode.

We currently have someone willing to match up to $150.

Auction will end on 9/2 at Midnight EST.


What’s the actual URL? Clicking the quoted link on my iPad just goes to the picture.

I guess you have to minimize the image and post your bid in the comments section

I’m not sure why it won’t post the link here. I’ve tried several times to no avail.

It’s fine, it’s the way the iPad opens Facebook. I have to close the image a specific way to see the thread attached to it. The issue is on my end.

We were able to raise $500 ftom this giveaway. Thanks to all that participated.