Theoretical Ruling Question

This evening during a game of BSD, I found myself in an interesting situation. An unsuccessful nudge to save a ball headed for the left outlane freed a ball in the left mist ‘alcove’. Before my original ball drained, I shot the freed mist ball into the Rats scoop. My original ball proceeded into the trough, but the bonus did not collect, and Rats began – ball proceeds as though there was no drain.

Any thoughts on how this would/should be ruled on in tournament play?

I’m just shooting from the hip here but I’d say this is an incorrect multiball in which you drained one, and continued to play. Like other times that may Free a locked ball incorrectly and you’re supposed to drain one due to not actually being in multiball.

So I say play on in this situation.

Had bonus count started when one ball drained, you’d be done. No compensation.

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Shouldn’t happen if the gate is adjusted properly. If it’s not the original wire gate, I could see that happening. Shouldn’t happen otherwise. New gates are unobtainium last time I checked.

With the power off, the gate should be closed and you shouldn’t be able to get a ball under it from either direction. If it’s your game, you may need to adjust the gate.

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Thanks. Looks like the original wire gate, but after a few games tonight, it looks like the ball will happily exit the gate with a firm nudge. Not my game, but I’ll be sure to let the operator know.

I had this happen to me during a game of BSD during the finals at the PLAY EXPO Pinball Battle.

I was on last ball chasing down 300+ mil. Had played my mist MB and the ball in play headed for the outlane. I saved it with a nudge, but in doing so also released the ball from the mist captive area.
Knowing what had happened I was going to drain one of the balls, but had the decision taken away from me as I lost it anyway. I could have played on with the remaining ball in play, but , knew full well I had gained that ball by a machine error. So drained it as well.

It also helped that the machine was being live streamed and shown on the big screen and my opponent was only too quick to point out what had happened.

Decision has to be drain the ‘additional’ ball - you didn’t earn it.