The Turdament!

Buffalo Pinball is thrilled to announce “The Turdament,” a match play pinball tournament featuring some of your favorite pinball machines, including:

  • Avaturd
  • Avengers
  • Big Buck Hunturd
  • Breakshot
  • Fireball Classic
  • Gilligans Island
  • Goldeneye
  • Hook
  • Independence Day
  • Rollercoasturd Tycoon
  • South Park
  • Wrestlemania
    …and many more!

When: Saturday, March 4, 2017
Registration: 11 a.m. Tournament Start: Noon

Where: Pocketeer Billiards and Bar, 2444 Clinton Street, Buffalo, NY

Two Skill Divisions:

A Division: Four hours of 4-player match play. Top 10 advance to playoffs, top 2 get a bye to finals. (40 players max.). Playoffs and finals are 3 games with 4, 2, 1, 0 scoring. Trophies for top three finishers, cash payouts to top three (minimum).

B Division: Two hours of 4-player match play, no playoffs unless there’s a tie (20 players max.) Trophy for the top finisher, cash payout to top three (minimum).

To Register: Send $15 for A division or $5 for B Division via PayPal to No refunds on preregistrations after Feb. 15.


Nascar and GE?? lol. Worst pinball machine I have ever played in my life is bullseye 301. 20 targets on the playfield labeled 01-20 like a regular dart board. hitting target 1 awards 100 points. Target 18 awards 1800 points ect. That is the entire ruleset lol. Hope you can score one of those for this :wink:


Fun fact: Modern Pinball has this flyer up in the bathroom.


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I’m going to need photographic evidence of this.

I kind of like Breakshot =(


Breakshot, Nascar and Goldeneye absolutely do not deserve to be demoted to Turdament status. Please replace with Rollergames, Bugs Bunny Birthday Bash, and any of the one-shot-wonder late 80s/early 90s Premier games.


People don’t like the things they do not understand. :slight_smile:



How dare you!


Even Steve says that is his worst game.


No El Toro?


This is hilarious! But need a Lights, Camera, Action for any Turdament.

I can only assume the entry fees are paid to the entrants rather than the usual manner? Honestly, you’d have to pay me to play that lineup in a tourney. Epically bad.

I’d replace two of the first three with Junkyard and IJ4. Not enough wood chopping required in the current lineup. If you’re going to make it painful, might as well go all out. Agree with Greg about needing a Premier game too. Arena would be awesome. Didn’t make your skill shot? You lose!

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Sounds like my pinburgh bank a few years back: Airbored, Al’s garbage band, ready.aim.flail.

Ready Aim Flail is actually a lot more fun than I thought at first… it’s all about that skill shot! And sometimes lodging the ball up there the right way…

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i like RCT layout, if you play it for fun and not tourney points optimization it is a cool game :slight_smile:


Of course the line-up is limited to what you actually have on hand to put into the tourney. Too bad you don’t have a City Slicker or Hollywood Heat around!

It doesn’t seem right to run this tournament without Popeye Saves the Earth, for tradition’s sake.


Popeye is more popular than you might think

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