The top US states for competitive pinball 2010-2019

Definetly not. You guys have way more breweries too.

Saw you played at MFP recently. How did you like those games?

Yeah I recently moved to Monterey. It’s an interesting place! Not how I’d choose to setup a lot of those games but the company can’t be beat. I’ll take that over the opposite any day.

I was wondering if you may have moved down here. Welcome to the neighborhood. Yup, good people at MFP. Hope you can make it up to the south bay to play with BAPA one week. There’s a lot of crossover between MFP and BAPA, so there will be familiar faces there.

What about Canada, eh? :slight_smile:

Get your own Dr. Phil, hoser! :wink:

Updated with bigger font, slower transitions, and a fixed axis so you can see general growth over time.

Still haven’t gotten around to checking the apparent errors, but I will eventually.

@pinwizj do you guys keep snap shots of the the top 20 player rankings? If so, I’d love to make something like this with those. The only way I know how to get the rankings history via the API is through individual profiles, which would make recreating the top 20 over time super cumbersome…


We have a table in our database that takes a snapshot at the first of every month for all players.

It’s a HUGE BEAST of a table. I’ll filter out just the top 20 from every month.

Check out the spreadsheet here:

It took until October 1993 until we even had 20 players that had earned at least a fraction of a WPPR point.

perfect! This is exactly what I need, thanks!

that stuff is golden! Bowen was #1 back in 3/1/94 with 4.84 wpprs and it looks like KME reign started back on 3/1/98 :smiley:

Tournaments per year may not be the best metric to rank states by. Some states may have less tournaments but more players per tournament. It would be good to see total unique players or total tournament participants (which is total IFPA dollars collected). I know it’s just for fun.

WPPR inflation over the years.
Interestingly, it seems to have settled into a plateau as of '14-15 timeframe.


Our goal with the redesign of the WPPR system with version 5.0 in 2015 was landing the top ranked player at ~1000 WPPR’s. Happy to see we’re still within that zone-ish.

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Washington seems like a place where I’d never get anything remotely constructive done. LOL. Roughly 1/4 of the population of Texas, yet they are pumping out a massive number of tournaments.
Very cool to see the graphical representation.

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Seattle has a weekly literally every day of the week when our Monday night league isn’t in session. We actually get pinball tourists from as far away as the UK even when there isn’t a major tournament going on. I believe Portland still has more games on location than us though.

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Yeah, the PNW folks are absolutely wild with their number of machines and tournaments. PA is pretty dense with good players, and East-Central PA is really blowing up in interest and competitive strength. Hoping that we start becoming like our neighbors in Ohio with a bunch of strong pinball areas!

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Which state had the highest State Champ WPPR value? Was it WA?

I think it was Wisconsin. TitleTown had a busy year.

Ohio beat Wisconsin by ~4 points (22.2 versus 18.6) for reference.

PA is also not in yet, and although I’m not sure of the average ranking we had 6 top 100 players in the state.

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Oops, I misunderstood the question. I was thinking of most points earned by a top state seed in 2019. Pretty sure that was Wisconsin, and Ohio in 2nd.

From the three states here:

Washington- 22.9
Ohio - 22.2
Wisconsin - 18.6