"The Thing"

I thought it might be cool to compile a list of “The Thing” on various games, like the general comp strat. I know Pintips kind of serves this role, but I find Pintips can be hit or miss and includes a lot of “arcade strats” vs solid comp strats, depending on the game.

For example:

Medieval Madness:
Castle all day for the most and safest points

Get all but 1 METEOR target, rip the spinner.

Addams Family:
Electric Chair, Thing Ramp, Side Ramp if the chair feed is friendly, otherwise multiball

etc etc.


Deadpool SNIKT.


I think “the thing” is more discriminating. This thread seems to be about tourney strategy. “The Thing” implies 1 you did some work to set something up and 2 you reaped the rewards. For example: on No Fear you started multiball, got 2 balls trapped on the left flipper and are in the process of looping out. If you’re doing that, I’ll turn to someone next to me and say “They’re doing The Thing.”

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