the spinner is lit pinball podcast.

After 2 or so years of talking about starting a podcast, I did it. its a little rough around the edges but its a good start.

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I’ll check it out. Keep at it. It (almost) gets easier over time.

Thank you Jeff. Keep the shows coming. I always look forward to them.

episode 3 is up.

Best of luck! Take care.

Thank you.

Do you have an rss set up so podcast apps can d/l your show? Sound cloud always confuses me

I set my settings on suncloud to RSS feed. Let me know is this works. I’m still learning all this.
Thank you for listening.

episode 5 is up. enjoy.

Episode 9 is up on SoundCloud, acast,and I tunes.
It features an interview with Justin Kelly about his work with color dmd. Check it out. It’s neat-o