The Shadow multiplayer scoring bug? (Solved, actually display bug)

In this video, at 49m30s player 4 is playing his ball 1 and suddenly player one’s score goes from 65M to 75M. What happened?


Whoa that’s very weird! Only the Shadow knows?

What was the ruling? P1 keeps the points?

Nobody brought it up at the time, a few people said (afterwards) they thought they noticed it but then just proceeded to doubt their perception. This was at the very end of the long weekend and I don’t think scores were kept track of ball to ball.

It must have something to do with the skill shot for P4 which is still somehow available at that point. It seems to time out and award the 10M to P1.

Note to self: Always choose to play 1st on TS


This has been talked about – I want to say it was on a podcast. It is a bug with the font used in the small-print on Shadow (when the skill shot is available). The unfortunate effect of this bug is that 7s look like 6s! The actual score was always 75 million (add the points at 46:20).

No, seriously, it’s true. I’ve heard the same thing is true for the end-of-game font used on TOTAN, but I don’t have confirmation. I wish I could remember where I heard the conversation about this. Perhaps it was already on Tilt Forums?

I suppose the unfortunate side effect is there might be a lot of other games with this problem and we’d basically never know!


The Bowen knows! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Yes it’s definitely a font issue. TOTAN has some weird issue sometimes, maybe after a reboot, that the font is kerned really strangely, I don’t recall it actually being wrong. Other displays in attract mode, however, are correct.

The more I think about it, I think it’s tournament mode double flipper press in attract mode where the page is janky.


Wow, interesting! Did Shadow just become a single player game for future IFPA run events? :wink:

I’ve seen an issue on TOTAN at end of game where all the numbers overlap and it’s very hard to read the scores.

Unrelated to Shadow, but related to other bugs: did anyone else catch in the Clepin finals that player 3’s bonus changed each ball even when it was just getting plunged? (He had a flight to catch). Should games of Wh20 be single player? Does it fix weird bonus bugs in the home rom?

Production Whitewater code has the bonus for each player include performance (rafts, boulders) from the previous players… so yes, it’s more advantageous than usual to play last in a multiplayer game. It’s part of the game’s charm. :wink: I believe LH-6 fixes this.


So, this could bring up a situation where player 4, with 690m plunges off what they believe is the winning score (against player 1 who has 780m, but it reads as 680), only to lose when the big score reveals itself?


I’m sure more than one mistake has been made based on Shadow’s quirks, yes. You have to have awareness of the game you’re in. I know a lot of people don’t like watching other players, but ultimately it’s on you to make sure you got the job done.

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Correct. It’s the small font issue. We’ve discovered it 3 1/2 years ago at our first final battle. Took forever to figure it out in that unfortunate scenario. Ever since we tell everyone we can and don’t worry when they think they lost points before they plunge the ball. Have to tell them just plunge and your score will be fine. They don’t like that answer :wink:

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on Wh20 bonus hold goes to the next player (as I found out at papa 9 the hard way). Also bumper values are bigger the further you are seeded. Player 4 can max jets at 1m while player 1 caps at 250k.

Note to self: Always choose to play 4th on WH20

I guess the plus side is not too many players play for bumper points. :wink:

Talking funny bugs we found one last week the hard way on linked NBA fastbreaks. If no one is playing the linked game next to you when you start a game of fastbreak player one guaranteed will not get a ball save on ball 1 and 2 but will on ball 3. All other players will get ball saves on all 3 balls.

If some one is currently playing the linked game beside you and you don’t have the option of starting a linked game when you press start there is no issues to the ball saves.

Our solution for final battle is to turn off all ball saves anyways :wink: