The Second Annual Blizzard Mountiain 24 hour pinball MARATHON!

The Second Annual Blizzard Mountiain 24 hour pinball MARATHON!

All 2019 event information, registration, payments for tournament and event swipe cards are here:

After listening to our competitors last year, the McCarthy clan has given us something more interesting to work with, this year we are going with a new format:

There will be three ‘sessions’ each lasting approximately 7-8 hours.

Each session will consist of 3 rounds:

  1. Pingolf - 6 holes, both objective and score based goals. Goal is for this to last 2 hours. May vary the number of holes based on how long the event is going

  2. Flipper Frenzy - 2 Hours of Flipper Frenzy (Pinball! Pinball! Pinball!).

  3. Matchplay 4 player groups (like we did last year). Last year each round averaged 1 hour 45 minutes. I would do 2 rounds so this will take the longest at 3 hours 30 minutes.

There will be a 30 minute break and then we do it again!

The final matchplay round will continue until we hit at least 24 hours. So, if everyone finishes at 9:59am, yes, there will be one more round (so we may play 3 matchplay rounds here). At 10:01? Nope, we’re done.

By the end, players will have played about 18 holes of pingolf, 6 hours of flipper frenzy, and around 6 rounds of matchplay.

Each player will get a score based on the number of players they finish ahead of for each of the three formats. Add up these three numbers for the final aggregate score, which is then ranked 1st-last.

We look forward to seeing you all day (and all night) for this unique pin-marathon event… ONLY AT BLIZZARD MOUNTAIN PINBALL!