The Road to IFPA (Shameless self promotion)

So I’ve started streaming daily from 2 days ago till IFPA playing a different game in my collection each day.

If that sounds like something your interested come hang out here:

If it doesn’t sound like something your interested in, the feel free to ignore this message.

I’ll be streaming shortly today’s game - Independence Day


Continuing my shameless self promotion

I’m on day 7 game 6 today and I’ll be streaming a very rare game Spirit

Lost a day because of bad weather knocking out my internet.

I’m live on Twitch - Watch me at

gameplay videos here if you’re missing the livestreams. Any way to improve the quality of the recorded video?

If I created a local recording and uploaded that to youtube afterward that would be the only way to increase the quality.

I only have 1 MB upload speed so I barely even getting 320P most likely I was surprised it was even watchable live when I started.

More shameless self promotion, going live with today’s game

Space Station

I’m live on Twitch - Watch me at


Do you have pics of your pinball/game room somewhere online? Looks awesome even in 320p!

Not really @GarrettHays just mostly what I post on Facebook, but here is a glamour shot of the old layout before changed everything up for IFPA, thanks for hanging out yesterday! :slight_smile:


Holy moly! That’s amazing!

@PinballProfile did a video walkthrough at the last come break my machines. It is up on his Facebook group. No idea how to link that here.

Here’s the link:


Still keeping this going with today’s game Attack from Mars

I’m live on Twitch - Watch me at