The New Pinball Dictionary


It is truly a Sharpe Shooter


On a different note:

“Score Loser”: either
A. the machine when the power to it [or in our case, the whole bank in the Pinburgh A playoffs round 1] goes off and it doesn’t reboot with the scores showing, allowing one or more players to replay their entire game even if they were well behind. Or,

B. The player(s) who then get passed up by someone who got to replay their game. Sorry, Johnny M! :disappointed:


My phone was filled with notes on up-to-date scores ball after ball whenever I found myself fortunate enough to jump out to an early lead on a game. You never know when those catastrophic malfunctions may pop up! :wink:


High Hand and Who Dunnit are the BEST! :stuck_out_tongue:



Richie’d vs. Lawlor’d:

Who wins? Or is it two different things altogether?

Are they both referring to the same “warp drive failure” type drains?
Are they both referring to the same “bumper exit” drains?


I feel like they are different. The Ritchie drain of “shot to the upper left falling back into the right outlane” is really distinctive (although this does happen occasionally on Lawlor games, like a failed shot into the camera can float out this way.) The Lawlor “drain out of pops placed right above the outlanes” is something else that also has its own character.


Around here, we generally used Lawlor’d when attempting the sucker skill shot and draining without a flip. From pops on TZ, or tombstone and out on RBION, etc.


(Warning, incoming stream of consciousness … I would appreciate your thoughts.)

I wish I could use a format like Urban Dictionary (an API?), so I could link and to that. It would be more productive, more “Internet-y”. That way, people can upvote things to prominence and downvote things to obscurity at their heart’s content without waiting for me to sanction it. Does anyone here know how to do the programming magicks?

"@FunWithBonus, make this a thing!"
It’s you all who have really made this NPD a thing, and I am thankful to you for that. It’s to the point where I doubt I can keep up with this by using my own site. I think I’ll still use my domain as the main page for now, though. The NPD has rescued the daily blog post streak a few times, especially when I have been away at a tournament without good Internet. But as soon as “the Internet” creates that magic bullet that basically is the pinball version of Urban Dictionary … (Don’t look at me for programming skill, I barely remember anything about C++ :slight_smile: )

However, I am so close to just forwarding those URLs to this TILTForums topic. It’s had the most consistent and productive activity of all attempts thus far. Reddit has up/down votes but comments on entries lock after a time (90 days?). Pinside and Facebook are good for what they are, I suppose. But TILTForums is where its at.

I have been attempting to find a way to take myself out of the equation as a limiting factor.

Maybe I can go back and find all of the words ever suggested and make a post for each one?

  • Without too much regard to the popularity of the suggestion
  • From TILTForums, Reddit, Facebook and Pinside
  • Plus podcasts I’ve heard and suggestions people gave me in person
  • Along with the ones I still have from years ago but haven’t posted
  • And the list of recent stuff that I have added to my To-Do list
  • Even those referencing proper names that I’ve sort of avoided until now (within reason)
  • Including the same jargon word that might refer to different things

Essentially a giant aggregation or clearinghouse of NPD terms. Like an “opening of the gates” or a “release of the hounds”.

It would take some time, and there would a post (possibly multiple posts) each day. It might last from now until Thanksgiving, maybe Christmas! But at least the entries would be up there, and it wouldn’t seem like I am playing favorites, or being a hindrance anymore. I sure would have to make those definition buttons smaller though or maybe eliminate them altogether.

Now that I’ve typed that out, I am seriously thinking about doing this. Starting this effort would be a challenge, like the first step in a marathon. Maybe I am crazy enough to think I could keep up with this.

  • Technically, there would always be new content on FWB, and I might even do enough posts a day to be like an actual gaming blog! My SEO and search rankings would skyrocket! Mwah ha ha ha!
  • But, I might become shackled to the NPD, as random stuff gets thrown from the peanut gallery. At that point, FWB might = NPD plus Cat Mode and memes :wink: with some news posts.

I don’t know … what do you think?

Thanks for reading this. :slight_smile:

By the way, here are some random ones on my to-do list to give you an idea:


Are there any NJ/NY-based pinball players and programmers you can get excited about this? These kinds of up/downvote websites are not very complicated to make – what you’re describing is basically but with downvotes (machine=word entry; tip=definition). But it’ll take time to make and you have to work with someone who’s as excited as you are. Otherwise project will fail when motivation disappears. Once the work is done ongoing maintenance is not a big time commitment.


I’ve got two possible nominees, though there might already be a name for the first…

F’d With Bonus - When you’ve almost won a game, but the last player ends with less than your score but barely overtakes you with bonus.

Crank it F’d Up - When you get an extra ball and drain with Crank it Up lit, then plunge the extra ball because the tournament format doesn’t allow them, and the ball bounces into the scoop on your plunge to start Crank it Up.


Even scarier is when you have a gear 6 Multiball lit on Mustang, but you have to plunge your extra ball and pray that the ball doesn’t fall in there by accident.

*Does Mustang relight Multiball if you start it and don’t do anything? I remember something like this happening when I played Mustang a while back. I plunged an extra ball with Gear Shift Multiball lit. It went in the scoop and started Multiball which I didn’t play. When it was my turn again, Gear 4 Multiball was still lit.


I’m pretty sure it doesn’t relight it. Is it possible the second MB was Burnout MB?


There was the old tilt bug. But that has been fixed right?


In this case, I didn’t tilt. Because it was an extra ball, I had to plunge and not touch the game at all. No jackpots were scored.


Maybe I am mis-remembering what happened. I’ll try to remember to experiment the next time I play Mustang.


Are you allowed to tilt before an extra ball plunge? That seems like it would be the better safe than sorry technique…


Any player who deliberately tilts or slam tilts a machine in order to derive some benefit to his or her own play, or the play of others, under these rules, will receive a score of zero. Repeated offenses may result in ejection from the tournament.


I’m picturing a player figuring out this strategy, then realizing the game he’s currently playing disables tilt bob inputs when the ball is in the shooter lane*, then plunging super soft so the ball doesn’t enter the playfield and shaking the crap out of the machine**.

*Not sure if Mustang is like this, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

**I also wonder if the latest Mustang code still engages the autoplunger if you short plunge and don’t make it out of the shooter lane. I can’t think of another machine that does this, but my Mustang did it consistently enough that I no longer try to short plunge.


It did not autoplunge me after a short plunge at replay. Maybe it’s a setting.