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I’m in the mood to suggest another one.

Palette Swap: A machine that is physically identical to another, previously released machine of a different name, at least from the player’s perspective, but has different artwork, and where applicable, different audio. It might also have different rules. Examples include Can Crusher and Whoa Nellie! being palette swaps of Continental, Jack•Bot being a palette swap of Pin•Bot, and those many EMs that have a differently-titled, different artwork machine because they accomodate different numbers of players, one of them is an add-a-ball, etc.

The phrase “palette swap” is taken directly from a video game term, referring to enemies that take the appearance of enemies seen earlier in the game, only with different colors, and sometimes with different moves.

This is a Goomba alongside two of its palette swaps from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. In the middle is the Gloomba, who requires more damage to defeat and deals more damage in its attacks. To the right is the Hyper Goomba, who requires more damage still and also has a very fast attack that deals tremendous damage but requires it to charge for a while first.


Absolutely YES!

Lucky Strike
Target Alpha
Canada Dry
Solar City
El Dorado City of Gold (Solid State)


I don’t agree with this particular example, though I generally agree with your logic/phrase/definition.

Crusher is a swap of WNBJM, but the playfield for Continental Cafe is actually quite different. Certainly nothing like the swaps of El Dorado that Steve mentioned.

This is MOSTLY true, but there’s at least one subtle difference that makes a not-so-subtle difference in gameplay. It’s not enough of a difference to not call it a swap, certainly.


Shrek/Family Guy obviously as well


What’s wrong with “re-theme”?


This is the phrasing I’ve always heard.


Today I got Scoleri’d. Super jackpot lit, left Scoleri target up and just won’t go down!


As long as we’re throwing crap out there, the one I’ve used the longest is “RITCHIE’D AGAIN” which is when any upper loop/ramp shot is missed (usually chattered) and feeds directly to the (typically right) outlane.

I’ve definitely been Ritchie’d on HS2, Elvis, ST, STTNG, pretty sure on Rollergames, and I even had it just happen to me on Flash like a month ago.


Oh, okay then. I have never seen in person the machine that Whoa Nellie! is based on. Is it based on something, then, or is it original? (And is the difference in Jack•Bot the extra ball button?)

Absolutely nothing. It’s just a word I had never seen before until got into pinball. I noticed Shrek and Family Guy very soon after getting into pinball, and because I’ve grown up entirely on video games, I always called them “palette swaps” with other people until I learned the word “re-theme.” As I associate mainly with people who play video games, it also makes it easier for them to understand what I’m talking about. The word “re-theme” is vaguer, and I noticed using it with non-pinball people only confuses them.

If there is a close or perfect match in video game jargon, I’ll use that if I’m talking with non-pinball people, people new to pinball, or people in my personal group. Just like how I use terms like “player character,” “non-player character,” “clan,” and “cutscene.” I seem to have a way easier time conveying what I mean, though I do know their pinball jargon equivalents and will use the pinball terms when talking with other pinball people. (Except for “cutscene,” as I have no idea what the pinball equivalent to that is. Is it “animation”?) Obviously, there are terms in common, such as “multiplayer,” “combo,” “game over,” “competitive balance,” “salt,” and “counterpick.” Those are easy.


Sullivan Units is the number of jackpot shots to make on The Getaway to restart multi-ball. :blush: (Sorry, Dwight)


It came from the wiring and uses the same relays as Continental Cafe, but the playfield is quite different.


I like it, Keefer! Once back in the day at Cali Extreme - when they ran the finals for Classics and Modern simultaneously - I got Ritchie’d on two consecutive balls on two different games, lol. I missed the side ramp a smidge on Dirty Harry and got Ritchie’d (and, yeah, I know, it’s a Barry Oursler game, but it’s a perfect description). I then had to immediately step up to my ball on High Speed on the Classics side, and the exact same thing happened! The deja vu of the two consecutive drains always stuck with me. @FunWithBonus, make this a thing!


I got Super Richie’d in a tournament a couple of weeks ago.

Went for the side ramp on Spider-Man. But found it halfway up the left ramp in stead. And SDTM. Well, SDTSA (Straight-down-the-side-alley). Got it :wink: @FunWithBonus


Phutz save: knowing you have a free slide save on Dracula or Dr Who with his generous tilt debounce


Interesting observation and moniker on the Ritchie drains. I always felt that several of Pat Lawlor’s games (FH, TZ, TAF, for example) produced annoying drains SDTM out of the side bumper configurations and called that getting Lawlor’ed. Games like X-Men, TSPP and TRON (Obviously not PL games) have similar annoying drains out of the bumpers.


The Golden Gods: The group of gods who help/hinder you through giving or denying fortuitous bounces into the Golden Cliffs on Paragon. Could also be used to refer to the same group of gods doing the same work through the lit arrow lane on Eight Ball Deluxe.

Usage: The Golden Gods were very kind to Robert on his last ball at Pinburgh this weekend.


i’m going through some hardcore post-papa depression right now




High Handed: F*ck that game . . . the end :slight_smile:


the new “SHARPE” killer :slight_smile: