The Mandalorian Rulesheet

Yes Andy. Can you tell us what is wrong with endless Multiball?

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Imagine hating multiball.


Imagine watching someone play multiball for 45 minutes in a tournament.

Witness :raising_hand_man:


I think los played an MB of CV one time for over two hours. I watched some, fell asleep, still in the same MB after I woke up. Haha

Sorry but this is wrong

  • Collecting all three Scope awards

You only need one award.
Its my fault. I wrote that part of the readme months ago and then missed when reviewing.

But thanks to CaptainBZare for updating the rules so quickly.


Yeah, CaptainBZarre doesn’t mess around. That specific part has now been updated. Thanks Dwight.


Anytime man! Always willing to update this stuff and always willing to help with any improvements.


Had an issue with the diverter on Mando on location and we used the setting to disable it in the settings and wondering how that affects the Encounters and Jetpack MB. Wasn’t quite able to tell how it was compensating (if at all) - anyone know? Couldn’t find any more info on it and it appeared that if you set that to disable the ramp diverter you just can’t start Encounters at all. In JetPack wasn’t sure if you could get an add-a-ball by just shooting the ramp a ton or not. Anyone know or been able to test w/glass off? cc @Dwight


I will look into this. Thanks Gene.


I was using this game in an on location tournament yesterday and it reset on me twice. Both times it did not hold the scores of the game in progress but did hold the scores of the game before that. Is this common for this game to not hold scores or of newer LCD games in general?

I’ve had that same experience on most modern Stern game resets. Rarely the scores held from the game in progress, but the scores from the last completed game instead. Always a frustrating situation in competition.


Even when the scores are from the game that was in progress, they’re not reliable. You may be seeing out-of-date scores rather than the ones that were actually achieved at the time the game reset. I don’t have a concrete source for this, but I’ve read this warning from other TDs several times.

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Regarding the Ambush mode, can you only play it once? It’s possible it just takes a lot more shots but I thought I shot the U-turn shot like 5 times and it never lit the white shots for the initial escape/start phase. This was after I had already drained in the middle of one of the build/collect phases on a previous ball. The one I play on is on competition mode so maybe that limits you to playing it only once.(When I say play it once, I mean playing the part where you can go through the build and collect phases, not the initial beginning where you can escape.)

@Dwight think I discovered a bug in cooperation mode. If you play a co-op game and get to the encounter wizard mode, You Have What I Want, the progress towards that mini wizard mode carries over to the next game (yes, the actual next game, not ball.)

The following steps should be able to reproduce this (this is on the latest code 1.41 & a Premium):

  1. Start a co-op game with 4 players
  2. Progress through all encounter levels to get to the mini wizard mode
  3. Play the encounter mini wizard mode (only 1 of the 4 players ended up playing it both times this occurred)
  4. After the final ball of player 4 drains and the game ends, start a new co-op 4 player game
  5. All 3 encounter inserts will be lit solid and the You Have What I Want insert will be flashing
  6. Once a player lights and then starts their first encounter, it will start the mini wizard mode

EDIT: -----
Tried to duplicate the issue last night playing a 4 player co-op game by myself and ran into a variation of the issue. This time, after I played the encounter mini wizard mode, I could not play it again that same game as the other players . Every time I would shoot the left ramp (as one of the players who have yet to play the mini wizard mode), it would go to the mini playfield and almost act like nothing was going on (switch was still working). That game, I did use foundry items to start encounters and also complete encounter levels in case that matters.

My suggestion for others to try to duplicate this would be:

  1. Play a 4 player co-op game
  2. Get to and play the encounter mini wizard
  3. After playing that wizard mode, see how the encounters work for the rest of the other players (if any other player is able to play that wizard mode).
  4. Also see if encounter progress carries over if you start another co-op game after ending the game that you reached the encounter wizard mode.

This would be a lot easier to test with the glass off and I might be able to talk the operator into letting me do that.

----- END EDIT

Some other things I noticed about the co-op mode that could be intended but I think are worth mentioning just in case:

  1. The Armor item appears to only work for the player who purchased it. For the other players, it is greyed out on the UI. I don’t believe the other players can purchase it either so I would think it might want to be set so that the Armor extra ball save perk will be active for all players vs just the one who bought it.

  2. I think the Razor Crest MB setting for having to complete a Hunter mode or be on a new ball for the next Razor Crest mode to light is not set in co-op.

All in all a fun game to play and I like how in co-op each player has the opportunity to play each mini wizard mode vs only allowing one person to play them.

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Not clear on how Ambush works, but if you get the Ambush Value award from the Child, does that increase the max value of Ambush above 720M?

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I don’t know for sure but based on the award, I would think it just acts as shooting one of the white shots during the build phase.

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I think this is correct.

Also, kruetz, thanks for the bug report. I am currently up to eyes with what I am calling game #7. As soon as I get the chance I plan to look at this bug and others in this game and others.