The Mandalorian Rulesheet

I’ve played The Mandalorian quite a few times on location, but I don’t own it and maybe I missed the information I’m looking for. I have a question about items. When I get more than one item, how can I choose which one is currently active? It seems to oscillate between them on the left side of the screen, providing a description, but for example, if I own a Flamethrower and a Amban Rifle, from my experience, pushing the button will active the Add-A-Ball, whereas I would want to use the Flamethrower first. Otherwise I know it depends on the context, but there are contexts where more than one Item can be used. Can someone help me understand how this works?

  • Rising Phoenix is the only item that can be used during an Encounter and takes priority over all other items when one is active.
  • Amban Rifle takes priority over Whistling Birds, which take priority over Flamethrower. Armor is passive and stays for the remainder of the game, nothing takes priority over it.

I’ve noticed this, too, which is a shame. I figured that the press-and-hold requirement of Flamethrower would decouple it from priority logic that competes with Amban AAB and Whistling Birds mode shots. :frowning:


Agreed. I like being able to choose via holding, tapping, etc.

@Dwight anyway this could be adjusted to allow the player to chose which award they want to use?


Yeah, maybe I can try this. If you hold you get flame thrower and not anything else.
The problem is right now you get that other stuff from a tap. It triggers on the close of the button. Now I will have to give it on the release. Which is not too bad if it really is just a tap. Your feature will come about 100ms later. A small but noticeable delay.


Brian and team did something similar for Stranger Things. Hold for swipe a ball. Quick tap for demo bomb.

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I did it in Star Wars first!


I thought you did it Star Wars first? press-and-hold for AAB, and quick press for ShotX arrow lock/unlock


Star Wars, Thats what I said.

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Haha. Yep. Completely forgot.

Here is what I did yesterday:

- Changed how and when the action button works with regard to equipment.
  - As before, there are two types of presses: HELD and SHORT. HELD is 
    holding the button down for some time. SHORT is a quick tap of the
  - You can now use the Flame Thrower any time you want if it is available.
    - The action button will be orange or toggle orange and another color
      if you also have other equipment lit that is applicable.
    - To use the Flame Thrower press and hold the button down. Soon it will
      begin setting shots on fire from right to left across the game. When
      you release the button after it begun, it will stop setting shots on
    - If you also had other equipment available and you hold the button
      past a very short tap the Flame Thrower will win and your other
      equipment will not be used. Likewise, if you have Flame thrower and
      something else available and you just tap the button you will use
      your other equipment and not the Flame Thrower.
  - The action button now flashes a bit differently.
    - As before each equipment has its own color:
        - ORANGE - FLAME THROWER - Set Shots on fire for 2X each
        - GREEN - AMBAN RIFLE - Add-A-Ball in a Multiball
        - YELLOW - WHISTLING BIRDS - Spot lit shots in a Mission
        - RED - JET PACK - Spot a level during an Encounter
    - The button will flash of the color that makes sense depending on the
      Equipment and where in the game you are. But if you also have the
      Flame Thrower and can use it the button will now toggle between two
      colors, orange and the other of the 3 colors.

It works pretty well.


good stuff, @Dwight !!

@Dwight, Great teaser of the next release note!

My Mandalorian is back to not registering encounter standups and the opto at the ramp diverter plays a game sound effect (not the dink) during switch test. Belsito’s Mandalorian was also doing the game sound (a different sound) at the diverter opto during test (and different weird stuff during game play) but we got it fixed with a software reinstall and his has been fine since. Is this a known issue? Is anyone else having these issues? My location players keep complaining but I can’t fix it if it’s not “broken.”

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Have to say, this rulesheet rocks! Using the info here, along with several flamethrower/amban buys and some good luck, got me this GC at my favorite local spot!


Made a SparkNotes styled ruleset for this game for anyone who needs info about the game in a hurry. I’ll link to this in the proper wiki too, I also have one for Avengers and I’m working on them for a few other games.


Thanks for the notes. A few amendments that might help. All 3 multipliers are maxed out at 6x. The scoop shot spotting of the ramps can only be done on the first 2 missions. Boba Fett. I’d probably make a note too that under majority of circumstances, a player will start with flamethrower already available.


An even shorter version I provided to someone that just can’t be bothered with reading rulesheets. You can figure out who :wink:

“Mando: Fire Triangle strat. Get as many — and hopefully all — of the three +1 PFx triangle inserts going, then start mode, and immediately start Multiball. At beginning of Multiball, hold down the Teolis button until all shots are lit with red. Profit.”