The Lost Playfield Drawings of Harry Williams

Man that is a great story, really make we want to try that Typhoon game :slight_smile:


This is amazing! When I was at Williams I remember looking over these drawings in Steve’s office, but it never sunk in with me that they were games that hadn’t been produced. I had thought that they were all original drawings for games that had actually been made. Then I remember talking to Duncan a couple times over the years about his quest for them, but I never really had the details. So awesome to see this happening.

This is incredible and huge news! So excited that these games are being made. Even more excited that they are being made as EMs!

This was really cool. Thanks for sharing and huge thanks to Duncan for following through.

Truly amazing what I have seen. Makes me want to play some more EM games now. Thank you for this story!

What an awe inspiring story!

I’ve searched far and wide for photos of the finished machine with no luck. Can anyone point me in the right direction?