The Hobbit Test Machine

This is primarily a question directed @keefer

I spent a couple of hours tonight playing The Hobbit test machine on location. I had some fun, but it mostly felt like a grind. I have absolute confidence the code will continue to improve and this will be a stunner.

My question is a couple of parts:

  1. How many test machines is JJP putting out there?

  2. Is the game collecting/storing game data for the games played on these? Specifically in the interest of honing the code/deciding what mode shots are worth, etc?

Can’t wait to keep playing this, it’s a beautiful game.

Just wondering, are most of the folks playing “pinball people” or are lots of ‘regular people’ playing too? I know that WOZ attracts all kinds on location…

I think it is hard to say at this point. It showed up today, and pretty much just pinball people who are in the NYC scene were there.

Don’t know of any others out there…

As for who plays there, I’d guess where they’re located would be the biggest factor.

Is there just that one, or have more been identified?

There was a post on their FB that the 2nd one is at the Silverball Museum in Asbury Park, NJ.

The playfield looks like an incredible tableau to build a ruleset on, so I have my fingers crossed that this will eventually be a killer title.

with @keefer on it I have no doubts the rules will be crazy deep - i can’t wait to see the tilt you lost thing in action - would be fun with some relevant callouts :slight_smile:

Wait a minute, sorry if it’s been obvious to everyone else, but is “keefer” Keith Johnson?

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Yes. Click on @keefer to see his bio page. :slightly_smiling:

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Well, the thought never occurred to me until then, but thanks for the heads up! I’ll do that next time then.

The name always makes me think of Kiefer Sutherland, but I knew that’s not right.

I just went to a new venue this past Sunday called Tokins and Tankards in Mount Prospect, Il. They have a Hobbit, it was lots of fun to play. They have five other machines, a great beer list and the food is awesome.