The Delaware Pinball Collective - It's Official!

The Delaware Pinball Collective is now official! The lease is signed and deposits made! This has been an exciting week for our Board of Directors as we now take our first real steps into this journey! Thanks to everyone for hanging in there with us during this entire process. We are excited to create a fantastic and entertaining space that is welcoming to all people. We look forward to seeing the familiar faces at this new venue, but we are even more excited to meet all of the new people!

As everything unfolds we will share as much as we possibly can with you to keep everyone in the loop. Here is what we can share right now:

  1. The address - 1100 First State Blvd, Wilmington DE 19804 (2nd floor)

  2. Opening date - too early to tell. We have some work to do. The entire space needs to be carpeted, which has already been ordered and has a lead time of 4 weeks. We also have to make some adjustments to the electrical layout. Finally, we will have around 55-60 pinball machines to move into place and setup along with furniture and partial build out for the front desk and repair areas.

  3. Hours of operation - Unknown at this time. As a non-profit, are hours will be determined by our volunteers. Once we get closer to a real opening date we can then share our initial hours of operation.

  4. How can you help us out in the meantime? Since we are a non-profit organization, the only way we survive is with active memberships. So please visit our website to purchase your membership today! Memberships will become active once we officially open.

  1. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!! Please help us spread the word by sharing with as many people as possible from family members, to friends, to co-workers! Thank you for your support!

For all the tournament players, be on the lookout for the Mid-Atlantic Pinball Open!!!


Congratulations on all of your hard work and effort! I look forward to bringing some people to come check it out!

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Thanks and we look forward to hosting you!

Good luck!

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I’m assuming you have the contact information for the PAPA carpet supplier on speed dial?


We look forward to having you at one of our events! Hopefully we don’t have too many delays with the opening and then we can focus our efforts on the Mid-Atlantic Pinball Open and getting that tournament up and running in 2022!

That would be funny!

One suggestion I have is to offer different levels of membership, with the highest level allowing members to throw a sleeping bag under the machines and basically just live there if they want to. None of the pinball places in my area will let people do this, and in my opinion it’s been a real detriment to the growth of the game. I have complained about it many times, and people express sympathy but no action is ever taken. By thinking outside the box on this issue, you guys could differentiate yourselves from the competition and fill an important and overlooked gap in the pinball-related experiences that people have available to them.

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I’m not sure if you’re serious. But there is an issue with city codes like not being zoned for residential and not to mention a huge liability. I don’t think it really effects the growth at all.

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— Sounds like liability insurance problems since if anything happens accidentally to the person spending the night - under a commercial piece of equipment that weighs over 200 pounds and is capable of carrying an electrical current :slight_smile: - there MIGHT be some liability. Not to mention people trashing your machines if they get high or drunk.

Hope everyone has safe holidays!