The Addams Family: Hit the chair to light Super-Jackpot?

Exactly this happened to me yesterday and I never ever saw this in all those plenty of TAF games in my whole life.

This is what I remember:
started MB via the chair, collected a single train wreck JP, lost one ball and had the two other balls cradled on each flipper
had a look on the DMD
it was written something similar like “Hit the chair to light Super-Jackpot”
had a look onto the chair and the red bulb was lightened
hit the chair
Super-jackpot was lit
collected the Super-Jackpot

Anybody has any idea?


I’ve never seen this either. Software compensation for the vault not registering? (Was there a credit dot?) Or maybe some easy software setting?


Software compensation sounds like the most plausible explanation. Pretty sure there was a credit dot, but never shot into the vault, neither heard or saw somebody doing it.

one of our taf locally had the vault disabled due to faulty motor and the software does indeed compensate with the chair as the relight jackpot shot instead of it.
no such lick for quick MB however :slight_smile:



Do you not mean the double jackpot?