The 5th Major

Great news coming from the IFPA website today. The INDISC main tournament will become the IFPA Open World Championships and the 5th Major. Woohoo! The incredible facility and tournament direction at INDISC was already the closest experience to “old” PAPAs and now with the PAPA ticket style qualifying as well, it is absolutely the perfect venue for a new World Championship Title. I (along with, I’m sure, just about everyone else) certainly hope the PAPA WC finds a new home ASAP, but in the meantime, this is awesome news for the tournament player.

P.s. And yes, I am aware what today’s date is.


The Open IFPA World Championship™, replacing our Main tournament division, beginning with INDISC™ 2020. The Open will continue the same tradition of excellence players have come to expect from the INDISC team while creating a new World Championship event not to be missed. Our partnership with the IFPA will also bring requested enhancements to the INDISC tournament experience.”.

I was wondering from the wording what the partnership “requested enhancements” would be? More than just playing player 1 and 3 on SS games? Hopefully no drastic format changes.

Well darn… That’s another tournament that Josh can’t win…:wink::wink:


Those wacky IFPeople, announcing stuff on 4/01 on the regular.

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Assuming this is not an April Fool’s joke, can someone explain the implications of this? What difference does it make if a tournament is a major vs. “minor?”

150% WPPR boost.

-More WPPR’s
-More prizes (IFPA will be adding to the pot out of our Corporate funds)
-“World Champion” title up for grabs


Congratulations @kdeangelo @pinbwzrd , @BMU !



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Curious to see how many more players will attend based on the the changes. How much more capacity can the main event take on? I see it was 238 players this year. Was that pushing it, or was there enough room/time for more players?

Queues were a little long this year but nothing ridiculous or unmanagable, IMO. We had 13 available games (was supposed to be 14 but Banzai Run was never up and running) which we will most likely expand to 16 games. Quailfying is being extended a day into Thursday. Those two factors should take some stress off the additional attendance we expect. Finals will also be expanded to either 32 or 40 for “Divsion A” in The Open. We cut it too close with 238 players!

The alternative is to begin running a separate “Division B” bank to offset some of the players but we really don’t want to do that unless absolutely necessary. For 2020 it’ll be a single bank of games.


That all sounds good. Hoping I can finally make it out there.

Wow, I didn’t even think about the 10% minimum. Very close call!


It’s great you’re doing this Karl. I wondered when this was going to happen and really thought it was going to have to happen this past year! So close.

I am looking forward to January.

haha it was quickly becoming a real issue, close call! :slight_smile:

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Are Gottlieb employees allowed to partake?


Oooh, breaking news, Gottlieb is starting back up and Elwin is jumping ship to work for them! I’ll post on Pinside… :smiley: