The 2023 Delaware Pinball Open - December 8-10, 2023

Dates are locked in: December 8-10, 2023

WPPR Farm - 4 events across 3 days, with the Main Event being certified and worth 250%

Bonus event on Thursday night, so potentially 5 events across 4 days if you want to come into town early.

Full details will be posted here shortly, waiting on the IFPA to approve all the events.

Pre-Registration will go live October 8th at 9pm eastern.

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Friendly reminder to have it registered with IFPA before September 8th. Don’t be like me and forget. Haha.

Hopefully I can make this!


Submitting to IFPA today!

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Full event details can now be found on Eventbrite. IFPA has certified the event, so we are good to go!

Breaking news! Since this event is happening close to 2024 and the new WPPR 6.0 guidelines, we will NOT be penalizing players who attempt to play in both tournaments on Sunday.

Excerpt from WPPR 6.0 rules - “Any players currently playing their turn in another match at the same location cannot be penalized as absent for the other concurrent events. This only applies to concurrent events that both have direct play formats.”