TGP & TGP Calculation for Leagues

I was looking through IFPA resources and league TGP & TGP calculation isn’t listed.

Anyone know what the league gradings are?

Thank you!

TGP calculations are the same. Leagues are just typically spread out over multiple weeks rather than a day or two.

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Yup, a league is just a big tournament, combine the qualifying events and if you have a finals into a single tournament and you have your league calculation.

For example, our league period is 6 months (1 event in per month) with top 3 counting towards your qualifying position. I take those 3 events group match play, 5 games per night so its 5x3 = 15 x 2 (groups of 4 bonus) is 30 so im max at 100% excluding finals.

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The other thing to take into account with League submissions, is that for a player to be submitted they must have played in at least half of the qualifying meetings (and played at least half of the games during that meeting).

So in Zen’s example above of best 3 meet scores out of 6 counting, a player must have played in at least 2 meets out of the 6 to be submitted. If they just play in a single meet out of the 6 they should not be submitted.


Hey @TeamCenterButton, since you’ve made two posts in the last few days about this sort of thing, it might be worth clarifying…

The guides that list TGP for different formats are only there for formats where the number of games can vary depending on how the tournament plays out. For example, in a three strike tournament, the number of rounds played can vary a bit depending on the exact results of matches. A few years ago, you would count up the rounds, and submit based on that…however now you use the guide (which shows the average number of games that will be played using your format, based on thousands of simulations). It won’t matter if your three strike takes the shortest path, or the longest path, you just get credit for the average.

However, for any formats not listed, you just submit based on the actual number of games/rounds played.