TGP calculation help

OK about to run our 1st “super selfie league playoffs”. Let me know if this is correct (I’m still learning so I could be WAYYYYY off):

We will have 9 players using ladder format (2 eliminated per round)

5 qualifying games = 5 TGP
round 1: 4 player match on 3 games = 3 TGP x2 = 6 TGP
round 2: 4 player match on 3 games = 3 TGP x2 = 6 TGP
final round 3: 3 player match on 3 games = 3 TGP x1.5 = 4.5 TGP

Total TGP = 21.5

20% bonus for the venue being open for 300 hours (roughly) in the month = 4.3 TGP

Final total TGP = 21.5 + 4.3 = 25.8

That is NOT correct :slight_smile:

It’s no longer “longest path” so your ladder format doesn’t get to count each round in full.

Out TGP Guide lays out the value for the ladder format:

4 player groups, 2 players eliminated per round until final 4 players remain (assumes 1 game for final 4) (receives 2X bonus for 4-player games)

  • 4 players –> 2 games towards TGP
  • 5-6 players –> 3 games towards TGP
  • 7-64 players –> 4 games towards TGP

So assuming you have at least 18 participants, here’s the breakdown:

5 qualifying games
4 finals games

9 games total for TGP

+the 20 hours of unlimited qualifying.

Total would be 36% + 20% = 56% TGP for the event

Thanks Josh. I suspected I might be WAYYYYY off lol. Side note…was up at 5am for some stupid reason and listened to WWOP and it was great. Loved it!

How does the formula change if all rounds are 3 games (including final 4)?

And how does the formula change if all rounds are just one game but the final 4 play all 5 games?

I will figure this all out sooner or later :slight_smile: Likely just as V5.3 kicks in :blush:

Meaningful games played is 11 instead of 4 for the finals.

The ‘common format’ that’s on the TGP Guide is based on a 1 game final 4 match, so this would be 4 additional games for the finalists.

Meaningful games played would be 8 instead of 4 for the finals.

OK thanks. Slowly starting to get it! Since starting with 9 players I will only have 3 players in the final group. Does that affect anything since the TGP guide is based on 4 player groups? (the 3 other rounds will have 4 players)

Email me about this one and I can rope in Dave Stewart to do some math for us :slight_smile:

I have a possible solution. 1st round I will only eliminate one player. Subsequent rounds will have 2 players eliminated causing 4 players to end up in the last round. Sound good?

Works for me . . .

Cool. One more question? (hopefully :slight_smile: If all rounds are 3 game matches but the final 4 play all 5 games in the bank games does add 2 more to the tally (from 11 TGP to 13)? Or because that is the “longest path” calculation it does not add the 2 extra games?

Because all 4 finalists would play those 5 games, it’s impossible for the winner to NOT play those games.

In this case the “expected path” and the “longest path” for that final is the same.

It would actually go from 11 TGP to 15 TGP. Those additional 2 finals games would be worth 2X . . . so it would be +4.

OK fantastic. Thanks Josh!