TGP calculation- 50% rule

Who can be included in the IFPA submission in this case?
Best ten games of fifteen counted, used to arrange players into divisions of (generally) eight players. The bottom four play a game and low score is eliminated, process repeats until four players remain. Those four play a four game finals match.

I know the IFPA requires a participant play 50% of the “counting” games to be included in the results. Does this mean if a player only plays five of the ten counting games and does not show up for the ladder portion they cannot be counted? Seems like the ladder portion are also counting games since only the top four actually get to finals.

I’ve been including players who only showed up one week since they played five of the ten “counting” games but I wonder if I should leave them out (and save myself $1 per no-show, YEAH!) if they don’t show up for the ladder portion because they don’t really meet the 50% rule.


Speaking as someone who knows our league format, our ladder format is a finals format because only the top 8 players can win 1st place, based on their performance in the “qualifying” 10 games. While the other divisions can play and win prizes, they have effectively been “eliminated” from the tournament. As long as this elimination is over 50%, a player should only need to participate in 5 of the initial 15 qualifying games (only 10 are used) to be counted in the event.