$tern rewards program details

I am interested in finding out how much for example a TWD pro or a GOT pro would cost under this program. Does anyone out there know? Here is from the ifpa site: The $tern Rewards Program will annually provide IFPA players who qualify the chance to purchase one new Stern Pinball, Inc. (SPI) pinball game directly from SPI at the IFPA Price plus shipping and any applicable taxes. Thankful for any insight.

Email us at ifpapinball@gmail.com. We’re not allowed to publicly discuss rewards pricing.

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Thanks, will do!

Munsters Pro/Premium added to the rewards program today for anyone interested:



Not that it matters to me since I don’t meet the eligibility requirements, but does the “end of April” / “end of March” mean people can purchase until that date or not until that date?

That’s just the current estimate for the next time these games would be available. Any orders that get processed through the rewards program get thrown into the allocation for the next production run, along with orders from all of the other distributors.


Do biggest movers qualify for only the remainder of the year in which they are the biggest mover, or through the next year? i.e. biggest mover in September 2019 can use Stern Rewards until December 2019 or December 2020?

Any reward earned in 2019 is good through December 2020, so the current players of the month for September 2019 would have 15 months to cash in.

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Wow, that’s pretty cool. I’m looking to get a Jurassic Park so am anxiously waiting for next year since I used mine this year for Maiden. Think my days of buying through any other means is over as this was a great deal and a super smooth process.

I wonder if KME will have a new game each year. I seem to be becoming a fan of his games real fast. Different layouts and rules that are basic enough for my kids to enjoy but deep enough for me to play the crap out of a game and still find stuff.

Anyone on the fence I highly recommend this option.