Taxi tournament ROMs (fixed JP)

I’ve seen that Taxi used in tournaments has a fixed jackpot value. Does anyone know how to tell the machine that setting (can’t find it), or where I can get that ROMs?


  • Set Jackpot Min to 1,000,000 (adj 37)
  • Set Jackpot Max to 1,500,000 (adj 38)
  • Set Jackpot Advance to 20,000 (adj 33)
  • Set Raise Jackpot Time to 30 seconds (adj 32)

This will grow the jackpot to 1.5 mil as quickly as possible (25 switch hits).



Yep, that’s exactly what I did in my previous tournaments.

But I think I remember that the Taxi at Pinburgh (replayFX) had a fixed JP, but I could be completely wrong… :wink:

What josh said is the best method imo. It uses original software, and, its almost guaranteed to net the player 1.5M

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Thanks, I’ll stick to that… :slight_smile:

It would be great to see more specific adjustments like this on the PAPA Game Notes section. @mhs

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