Taxi Displays Troubleshooting Help

Hey All,

BSD is back in action! Thanks for your help. My Taxi was out on a loan and when I brought it home all displays were no longer functioning. I have reseated all connections and gotten no results. Game is fully functional with no displays. Where should I start?

Start by not loaning your Taxi to a bunch of #hobowens.

I will always loan my Taxi out to bums if they have a good cause.

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Not repairable. Time to sell it.

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You are likely missing the + or - 100v on the power supply

I am blowing the F1 fuse on the PWR Supply board.

Unplug J2 from the power supply, replace the fuse, and power on. If the fuse still blows, the problem is on the power supply board. Great Plains Electronics sells rebuild kits for like $5 with all the components in the HV section.

unplugged J2 fuse blew again. What kit do I buy? Can I pick one up at Radio Shack?

This is the one you want:

Thank you.