T3 ruling


Select rpg. Play rpg. Won. End of ball bonus.

$1 game. Ruling?


Assuming this was just a fun game among friends, with no advance declaration of a ruleset in force…

Major Malfunction due to unexpected end of ball that is not part of the normal game rules. Everyone plays the game through completion, and then you get to add on the score of one additional ball in a new game.


For dollar games?
Why are you playing T3 at all for fun, by choice? :wink:
The pinball gods are telling you to go play a better pin.


Agree with Joe. Before you play any more cash games on it, make sure it’s on 4.0 software. It’s been a while, but it seems like the earlier software was sketchy.


Interesting. I like T3. Certainly a heck of a lot better than T2.


I think this only applies to $100 games. :wink: