Sweet Talker III Women's tournament- Feb 10th - Wakefield MA

The third annual Sweet Talker Women’s Tournament is just over a month away. It will be held at the Wicked Pissa Pinball Pit in Wakefield, MA on February 10th. Start time is 11:00am - $30 entry fee for any woman who’s played in an IFPA event and $15 for any first time player. for more info check out the following links:
Sweet Talker promo video (NSFW- contains Minnie Riperton music :wink: ) Sweet Talker Facebook event page](https://www.facebook.com/events/2019067275017182)


The field is filling up fast- only 10 spots left. If you’d like to play in the Sweet Talker let me know.
Current Player list:
Zoe Vrabel
Stephanie Guida
Theresa Nessel
Nicole Bernier
Melissa Curtis
Leslie Kozloski
Jessica Frenette
Caitlyn Hewson
Gail Edelstein
Hayley Noelle Colaizzi
sarah elizabeth demarest
Lindsay Weiner
Marissa Pratt
Breton Canada
Zeph LaCapria
Holly Danowski
Emily May
Erin Seiden
Becky Gissel
Theresa Werth

One week away! still a few spots left

Final call for the Sweet Talker- 4 spots left for tomorrows tournament. It will be streamed on twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/wickedpissapinballpit

Final Standing for the Sweet Talker:

Finished Name
1 Zoe Vrabel
2 Stepanie Guida
3 Holly Danowski
4 Leslie Kozloski
5 Maya Nigrosh
5 Emily May
7 Erin Seiden
7 Theresa Werth
9 Marissa Pratt
10 Gail Edelstein
Theresea Nessel
12 Melissa Curtis
13 Nicole Bernier
Melissa Williams
15 Becky Gissel
16 Heather Rosenfeld
17 Sarah elizabeth demarest
Caitlyn Hewson
19 Sofia Manganella
20 stephanie Vecellio
21 Christen Lasua
22 Janice Grant
23 Cora Curtis
![27750591_1891437574208027_7227580483411355442_n 666x500](upload://xQyrRI4HX6uFFNf9Lum4WY4VxZi.jpg)![27654488_1891459764205808_3847652187292135490_n

group and winner picture