suggestion for 2018 SCS


But I might damage my rusty pinball leg…


Well, think about it: if IL next year is you, Zach, Keith and Jason, it would be perfectly reasonable for one or more of you to jump. You’d each still have a good chance of winning whichever state you played in and getting to the nationals, but could get more $$ out of some state other than IL based on past event counts. Not saying any of you should, just observing the likely situation.


You underestimate our laziness Bob :wink:


It’s rather funny how people can find $120 for pinburgh…but OMG how dare you suggest $125 for a series of multiple tournaments…

The point of the $125 is to weed out those that feel they don’t have the skill to compete with the top dogs of their state for money…


Pinburgh is closer to $1000 for me with flights and hotels etc. and I pay it happily because it provides that amount of value.

I still wouldn’t pay $125 for an SCS series because it provides me with the same amount of fun as regular weeklies or my regular league.


$120 for two full days of competition doesn’t really compare to $125 for maybe losing 4 straight games and you’re done.


I would not pay the fee and have qualified two years in a row. So by your logic it’s paying a fee that makes one a “top dog” not overall yearly performance???

I hate to be so brash, but this is the worst most unfounded suggestion in the thread. Not only does no one want to adhere to your suggestion, you yourself cannot provide any sound reasoning as to how it would alleviate any of the issues brought forth.


The $125 would be for 12 separate tournaments… not just 1 tournament


I’m confused, what are the 12 tournaments?


The $125 would be the fee to compete in the SCS Series. So it would have like 12 events that would be the qualifiers for scs. It works out to be about $11 per event.


So if your states prize pool was $2500 and paid out all 15 spots, you wouldn’t want to participate?


I wouldn’t know that information at the beginning of the year, so yes.


How would I know what the pool was going to be before the year started? Also there’s sixteen spots not fifteen.


$2500 is 20 people at $125 each.

If you’re gonna pay out the top 15 players out of 20, what would the breakout be from 1st through 15th?


1st 28% $700
2nd 18.25% $456.25
3rd 12% $300
4th 8.75% $218.75
5th 6.25% $156.25
6th 5% $125
7th 4% $100
8th 3.25% $81.25
9th 2.5% $62.50
10th-12th 2.1% $53.75
13th-15th 1.85% $46.25


Then I guess you don’t want to be last


Wow… just wow


No points / $'s for last, but I’m sure a participation ribbon could be awarded if that would change your mind.


How about a toilet trophy


How about all 16 getting payed like is already the plan…