suggestion for 2018 SCS


My bad. I misunderstood your poll results comment then.

Interested to see what shakes out from the 2018 changes.


The answer of course is to have separate SoCal and NorCal championships before the SCS finals day. Yay!
The winners can meet anywhere they want and duke it out. The $1 fee can go to pay for travel expenses.
Done! What else do you want me to solve?


So far, I’ve always gone to whichever state I was seeded highest in. With the new prize pools, that’s likely to change, but I won’t really know how I’ll play it until the time comes and I see what the options are. For instance, if it came down to PA or CA, I might go with PA - - the “degree of difficulty” would be similar [DJ / Cryss / Jon / Al / Alex vs. Jim / Andrei / Karl / Johnny / Tim], but the PA prize pool would be much bigger. It’ll be really interesting however it shakes out.


As soon as California officially splits into two states this is so THE PLAN :slight_smile:


In California we always think bigger than you do in Chicago:


“failed to qualify as a California ballot measure for the 2016 state elections due to receiving insufficient signatures”

842 players in the CA SCS for this year . . . start collecting some sigs!


Well, how about Washington D.C.then? Official state yet? :slight_smile:


They aren’t in the SCS :wink:


I stand corrected. Josh for the win!


That’s the version that made the ballot, but there have been other proposed “splits” with somewhat different county groupings. I know I saw one where Marin was with Silicon Valley and Monterey with Central. So, we could do our own version. Anyone care for some gerrymandering?


Can you clarify the Washington DC situation please? I just assumed that DC gets included as a “state” championship, especially now that the link to the DC rankings has been added to the player profile pages with the other state ranking lists.

Will DC remain outside of the SCS? If so, what happens to DC tournaments next year with the new $1 fee?



It’s similar to the Canadian Provinces not being a part of the “SCS” . . . they are part of the PCS (but get a spot allocated for Nationals for each Province because I’ve refused to call it the North American Championship).

We also have the Washington “DCS”, which allows Washington DC representation at Nationals even if they aren’t technically part of the “SCS”.

Here’s the plaque plate for the Washington DCS Champion:

They will be subject to the same $1 fee, with the pot for the DCS growing in the same way as the SCS and PCS.


Ah, I see, thank you. So aside from being alone in the “DCS”, the rules are identical to the rules for SCS state members and provinces in the PCS?
[Approaching acronym overload! :slight_smile:]

For example, presumably if I chose to compete in the DC championship, I would not be allowed to also compete in the MD championship. Same rules, just not technically in the SCS. Do I have that correct?

Thank you!


Correct. SCS/PCS/DCS all happen on the same day. Players are only eligible to compete in one State/Province/District that day.


What is the practical reason for differentiating SCS vs. PCS vs. DCS? They seem to all operate under the same rules. Why not just call them all the same thing?


PCS is different in fee structure, so it is different. Also, many Canadians would probably stop participating if you called the Canadian part the SCS. I respectfully resist your manifest destiny.


cough Continental Championship cough



Just call everything a region and beat @pinwizj with a rusty pinball leg until he calls it the North American Championship :slight_smile:


Some quick survey results updates:

72% of responses are for having the selection process AFTER the season is completed.

63% of responses feel that it’s like there will be more state jumpers under the $1 fee than prior to it.

75% of responses (of those 63%) felt players would travel out of state for the larger STATE prize pool rather than the easiest path to Nationals prize pool.