Stern shaker motor SB and Tournaments

I just learned about this service bulletin.

I have never seen this happen and have no idea how rare or common it is. When running a tournament with spike games, is it advisable to turn off shaker motors until the kit is installed?

Am I understanding it correctly that a shaker motor installed on games that didn’t even ship with a slam tilt switch can trigger a slam tilt via brown-out?

That’s mildly humorous.

All shakers should be turned off for competitive play IMO. That said, the dongle sent with the SB should be easy to spot by looking in the coin door. Don’t even need to lift the playfield. If it’s a Spike with a shaker and no dongle, disable the shaker. If it’s worth a SB, it happening enough so that it could be a problem.

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The physical switch is costed out of Sterns a long time ago. But, it is applicable at some connector in the cabinet. Hence the switch scanner can ghost detect a slam tilt.

Totally agree. That, and slam tilt switches.

Had the shaker kindly hand me a tilt warning on a GOTG LE at a tournament lately :roll_eyes: