Stern Rush Rulesheet

You’re missing something, this is the whole list of scoring changes:

PRO V1.10 - March 28, 2023

  • Bonus:
  • Changed Bonus scoring to award a fixed score per modes won instead of
    a portion of the points earned during that mode.
  • Cygnus X-1: Book II - The Voyage:
  • Changed Cygnus X-1: Book II to calculate jackpot scores based on mode
    scoring totals up to a maximum value of 200 million points earned per mode.
  • Records:
  • Changed the default rules for WILDCARD records:
  • Wildcard records are only earned when a mode is completed, they
    will be placed on a shot and held for the rest of the game or until
    2112 Wizard Mode is completed.
  • MAX SHOT MULTIPLIER defaults to 2:
  • WILDCARD records will always award 2x shot values.
  • MAX NUM WILDCARDS defaults to 5.

Good changes, I think. The scoring went really wild when you had a big mode, particularly La Villa Strangiato with 4x on the upper loop, which could go for well over 100 million per shot and multiple billions from the mode, and then more than that total scored again from bonus and Cygnus book 2. And as I complained upthread, losing the rainbow records before a wizard mode was a big kick in the teeth, so that’s cleared up now too.

The one thing I’m not sure on is if the max shot multiplier is 2x, what happens if you make all the records the same color? Does the 3x for that still exist and take precedence over the rainbow 2x?

I believe the 3x for matching colors has also been eliminated. Your reward for matching all 6 colors is … all 6 shots award 2x!

Also because with the wildcards holding it’s way easier to get all 6 the same color for your later modes


I agree good indeed. I stand by this seems simpler and a good change! Awesome work.

I really like the new rules changes as well! Thanks @raydaypinball ! I have two questions that arose from my game last night. With the new scoring rules implemented in v1.10, I have now been prioritizing completing planet modes for obvious reasons. Because of this, I happened to complete the 6th planet mode immediately after completing all of the 6 different multiballs, but before playing Book 1. The game presented me with Book 2 first which I completed. I then had to play one more multiball (Far Cry) a second time before Book 1 lit up at the time machine. Is that expected or a bug?

I started Book 1 and unfortunately drained (and tilted) my last ball with 2 shots remaining on the last of the 3 planets. :unamused: The display showed 2111 as the year while playing Book 1. Does the year normally flip from 2111 to 2112 only upon completion of the both Book 1 and 2?

I’ve played 2112 about a half dozen times pre-V1.10. During those games, I have always played Book 1 first then Book 2 and have usually had a few years left to qualify to get to 2012 so I never noticed stopping at 2111.

Yup you can play book 2 before book 1 and yup you need both of them played or else it hard stops you at 2111

@raydaypinball , thanks for clarifying the year display - that does makes sense based on the requirements to start 2112.

Regarding qualifying for Book 1 to be ready, is it ever intended that you would need to start one of the 6 different multiballs a second time to get the time machine to light that Book 1 is ready? In the game I described, I had already played all 6, but only after I happened to play Far Cry for the second time did the time machine light up so that I could start it.

Never heard of that bug happening before but I’m glad it sorted itself out

I saw something similar, on v1.02 code. I completed the six planet modes, the last stacked with a multiball (not sure which one.) As that multiball ended, I hit the time machine at the last instant of its grace period… and a planet mode started again, instead of Cygnus book II. I then drained during that planet mode (was the last ball of the game), and as the ball hit the trough, Geddy called out “Cygnus book II is lit.” (Meaning I had already completed all six modes, since I didn’t complete the current one.)

So there is something about book I and/or II failing to light exactly when it should, but it might be a messy race condition to track down.

Regarding the record multipliers: Is it correct that once you play through the 6 song modes once then all the records are set at 2x until you complete 2112?

Just had my first big game with the new code. I got to Hemispheres wizard with very low scoring song modes but when I played the song modes the second time I seemed to be getting big points without really trying. I was actually surprised when I hit 2112 because I was working on other ways to get minutes because (I thought) I started my song mode too early to get anything.

Also, if you failed on 2112, is it possible to play again? I was close to finishing the planets again…

Yeah the shots will stay rainbow 2x until you play 2112 then they’ll reset

You can get 2112 again by playing both Cygnuses (Cygnii?) again, as starting 2112 will turn off those big planet lights to show you their back to being unplayed. You go back to 2111 in terms of years once you play 2112 but playing both Cygnus will get you back to 2112 again (and also give you all the time machine upgrades associated with it, like super records)


Great! I thought the removal of the EBs would make it impossible (for me) to get to 2112 but those 2x records help pump up the value/minutes.

I just played the Flipper Challenge mode for Cygnus X-1, Book 2. I was a little surprised it kept going after the five phases. Does it keep going indefinitely or does it officially end after 10 or 15 phases, for example?

It adds a shot to the phases each time you clear them all, I made it to like wave 3 or 4 before I finally failed, it’s pretty rad!

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That makes sense. Thanks!

There is a “bug” with the new rainbow rules. If you complete the mode lighting a shot spot and lose your ball before picking it you lose it! This seems to be the only way you would not end up with one on every shot at the end and feels like an odd and unjust punishment for losing your ball at just the wrong time. Can it be changed so you are allowed to spot it on your next ball for consistency?

It was x3 when I just played. I had all shots of colour for spirit radio and no shot multiplier and I pushed radio jackpot to 50 million and then shot dead end and got 150 million rather than 100 million. I personally like that you get 3x if you get them all as it is difficult to do and provides a nice reward for doing it so would be a shame to lose it.

Anyone have scoring advice for the Voyage Challenge mode? I’m trying to get the 500 million achievement but I’m consistently completing with 450 mill. I can’t figure out how to stretch the points.

It’s been a while since I made the scoring but I think the main thing is on the yellow planet you get more points if you alternate hitting the instrument target and the yellow arrows, and on the blue planet you really wanna chain together a lot of shots in a row

Thanks. I’ll try it out.

Oh and, the number of balls in play when you escape is a multiplier on that final shot